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KKM Warns Malaysians Of The Hidden Sugar In Coffee

KKM Warns Malaysians Of The Hidden Sugar In Coffee

The Health Ministry cautions that it could lead to diabetes and obesity.

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There’s nothing like a good ‘ol cup of kopi to start your day or give you a little boost of energy in the afternoon.

Despite how much Malaysians enjoy the drink, the Health Ministry reminds you that not all coffee are made equal, and some contain hidden sugars that can lead to other illnesses such as diabetes and obesity.

Coffee, or coffee-flavoured sugar drink?

Most drinks in Malaysia err on the side of being sweet, such as teh tarik, but the same applies for kopi as well.

Most coffee sold in Malaysia includes the addition of sweetened condensed milk, sugar, full cream milk, or any variation, which heavily adds to the sugar and calorie content of the drink.

While pure black coffee itself has 0 calories, not many Malaysians can drink bitter Kopi O directly. Most people will certainly add some amount of sugar, cream, milk, or condensed milk to help it go down smoother.

According to KKM’s post, a “regular” cup of coffee that includes both full cream milk and sugar can contain around 144 calories per cup!

Coffee with added condensed milk contains around 113 calories, coffee with skim milk and sugar is around 109 calories, and coffee with just sugar is around 60 calories.

That kopi you order at the mamak may have more calories than you realize.
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For Malaysians who may regularly consume coffee with added sugar or milk, it may be a good time to observe how much extra calories you unintentionally consume a day.

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