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8 Real Tips To Clean Out Your House After A Flood

8 Real Tips To Clean Out Your House After A Flood

Experienced know-hows are here to guide you on how to start cleaning your affected houses.

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Post-flood cleaning is no easy business. It takes massive energy, time, and resources to get it all done. The mud, the smell, the damage, and not to mention the diseases that come with it if you’re not careful.

Cleaning the house after a flood is extremely strenuous and can take weeks or maybe even months to truly flush out the atrocious smell out.

Most people who have gone through these taxing times have a few tricks and tips up their sleeves for those first-timers or for those who are willing to volunteer and help clean victims’ places.

Things That You Need

Living on the east coast where flood is imminent every year, this user has listed a few things that you might need if you’re starting the flood cleaning process.

  • Waterjet – Priority to have as it will ease the process
  • Floor Wiper – To scrape off mud
  • Dustpan and Broom – To sweep what’s necessary
  • Shovel – To scope out thick mud
  • Wheelbarrow – To move unwanted trash/mud easily
  • Gloves – For hygiene, safety and to avoid abrasions
  • Rubber Boots – For hygiene and safety
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Bag – So it doesn’t tear easily
  • Cat Litter/Coal – To get rid of the flood smell
  • Air Freshener – Help to drown the flood smell

Unquestionably, the one thing that these people need to clean their houses is manpower. Cleaning all by themselves is both physically and mentally draining.

In fact, if you want to volunteer, help by cleaning the owners’ houses together with them. Especially the senior citizens. The more people joining the effort, the quicker the cleaning process.

Steps To Clean Your House

1. Take Pictures

This may seem unnecessary and goes without saying but it is actually really important.

Pictures/videos of damages are imperative for proof during insurance claims or anything that’s related.

2. Move Things Out Of The House When The Water Level Is Still At Your Calf

A Twitter user, @acaiijawe gave some tips as a fellow flood victim before.

He clarified that when the water level is still at your calf, that way you can easily get the heavy broken/swollen furniture, carpet, mat out of the house.

Credit: @wmrnrh / Twitter

Dampness promotes the growth of mildew, a mold or fungus that can grow on everything and affect our health in the long run. Hence, sort out what can be saved and what to throw away.

Bring a saw too if you can, to cut the swollen furniture that couldn’t fit through the door anymore.

3. Push Out The Mud When The Water Level Is At Your Ankle

Following @acaiijawe’s tips and several others experienced flood victims, you would need a lot of water to flush out the mud from your homes.

If you start when the water is all dried out in your home, it’s actually harder and more tiring to get the stubborn mud and stains off the walls and floors.

Also, don’t forget to unclog the drainage outside your house for better water flow when you start cleaning your house.

4. Don’t Turn On Any Electrical Appliances Yet

You may be doing more damage to your fridge or TV if you turn those on before they are really dry.

Below is a video on TikTok on how to handle your fridge from a technician.

Surely, the first step is to let your fridge dry for about 5 days or a week. You can check out the next steps in his video here.

Here are some more tips on dealing with electrical appliances and vehicles after a flood.

5. Start Cleaning Your Bedroom First

For people who’ve had it going numerous times before, most of them recommend cleaning your bedroom first. You need a clean and comfortable space to rest and sleep because the cleaning process is going to take days.

6. Clean Fabric Related Items First, Kitchen Utensils Should Be Last

Items that have fabric like carpets and clothes can be washed first as it would be quite difficult to clean them after they are dried with mud.

These fabrics can be cleaned using a waterjet too. Hang them outside and spray the water to get the mud off.

Kitchen utensils like plates and Tupperware can be rinsed last with soap as they are easier to clean as opposed to others.

7. Be Careful Of Dangerous Pests Lurking In The Water

Protective gear like gloves and rubber boots are needed to avoid skin abrasions and also to protect oneself from accidentally touching critters like centipedes, scorpions, cockroaches, rats, and many more.

However, the real poisonous threat besides the centipede is the snake. They may, by chance, be taken by the flood water and ended up in the nooks and crannies of your home.

Credit: @InfoKuala, @hazrimahat_ / Twitter

Hence, be extra careful if you find them in your house and call a professional if you can.

Flies and mosquitoes are also common disease-borne insects after floods and here’s how you should handle them.

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Garbage piles will cause yet another health hazard by attracting these animals and insects, so sort out your trash responsibly. Seal them and dispose of them the correct way.

8. Dealing With The Smell

Netizens who experienced floods on a regular basis suggest slowly eliminating the mud smell by using cat litter.

Clay cat litter is an example of a desiccant, things like clay, silica, gel, and calcium oxide which absorb moisture in large quantities.

Most people propose to buy a cat litter bag and just let the top of the bag open. It will absorb the bad smell of the flood.

These are some of the tips and tricks from knowledgeable citizens who have dealt with these floods before.

We all know that dealing with a flood is exceptionally depressing, hence, make sure to give mental and physical support to those people who really need them. #rakyatjagarakyat #daruratbanjir

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