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I’d Quit The Boring City Life For This Sanctuary City Life Any Day

I’d Quit The Boring City Life For This Sanctuary City Life Any Day

Picture a bright and bustling city with a touch of living the dream.

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When Malaysians were last asked about their idea for the perfect city, many had pointed to places like Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne, Auckland, and other major metropolitan areas across the world, as examples of what urban living should be.

Despite being heavily populated, these iconic, and often historic places are seen as models of how to successfully integrate commercial, residential, and public areas to create a welcoming environment that people can call home.

Things like cleanliness, security, an abundance of green, and public spaces, as well as, an efficient public transportation system and other amenities are at the very top of the list when it comes to people picking a place to settle down or even endeavour in a thriving business venture.

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Enter the nature-sanctuary smart city

Picture a bright and bustling city that’s filled to the brim with all the comforts and conveniences of modern life. Add on a touch of lush greenery, wide-open spaces, a few watering holes here and there, and an unlimited selection of things for everyone to do.

What you’d get is Malaysia’s only nature sanctuary smart city, Gamuda Cove!

The 1,530-acre township sits amidst the beautiful backdrop of the pristine Paya Indah Wetlands and the serene Kuala Langat Forest Reserves, setting it up to be the crown jewel of Southern Klang Valley.

(Credit: Gamuda Cove)

Situated near important centres like Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya and major entrepôts like KLIA, Gamuda Cove is strategically located and easily accessible via the ELITE Highway.

Gamuda Cove also actively promotes sustainability and a car-free environment with the use of pedestrian and public modes of transportation by providing commuters with an interconnected network of roads, pathways and transit systems to encourage people to take up a healthy lifestyle by walking, cycling or taking an e-Tram that travels through around 372 acres of the city to get to where they need to be.

(Credit: Gamuda Cove)

The beating heart of the city

At the very core of this nature-sanctuary smart city lies its beating ‘Heart Of Cove’.

This area of the city is comprised of the central business district that’s designed to be the commercial hub of the area, an art and cultural district to fuel the imagination, a wellness district aimed to be the perfect spot for one to relax and unwind, as well as, a leisure and entertainment district that provides patrons with all the amusement that they could dream of.

At the Heart Of Cove, residents and visitors alike can enjoy a selection of interesting attractions like the Discovery Park as well as the upcoming SplashMania waterpark – Asia Largest Rainforest Theme Waterpark that comes complete with 29 splashing slides and rides.

(Credit: Gamuda Cove)

Loads of other attractions and amenities are also carved into the Heart Of Cove, including the green and all inspiring garden offices for those workaholics that require a change in scenery, MICE facilities to host those important meetings, conventions and exhibitions, hotels, and other accommodations like a sprawling regional destination mall.

And sitting right next to it all is the Heart Of Cove’s lavish Townsquare which comprises The Plaza, The Street, and The Alley.

(Credit: Gamuda Cove)

These areas are all interconnected together to provide a shared outdoor space for the community to meet, gather, shop, dine or simply chill out among the many restaurants and eateries, shops and markets as well as enjoying a stroll or a bike ride to catch the beautifully crafted fountains and sculpture that embellish Townsquare’s alfresco European setting.

And chill out is exactly what people would be doing at the Heart Of Cove!

By utilizing some fancy-schmancy sciency stuff like weather analysis, calculating wind movements, fluid dynamics and solar radiation analysis, architects were able to design the area to maintain a crisp optimal ambient temperature of 28°C that is perfect for all manner of activities in Malaysia’s hot and humid climate.

The Connective Corridor

Gamuda Cove also facilitates easy and direct access to Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor, Cyberjaya, via a highway that’s scheduled to be completed in 2022.

This would effectively reduce the travel time between the two cities from 22km to only 2km and provide Gamuda Cove with a population catchment of 650,000 people from the surrounding neighbourhoods within a 10km radius, as well as a working population of 103,000 from Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and KLIA.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder that the city is expected to receive more than 1.3 million unique visitors yearly and hold a population size of more than 100,000 people.

(Credit: Gamuda Cove)

So if you are looking for an ideal place to nest in, look no further than Gamuda Cove, Malaysia’s ideal nature sanctuary smart city.

Catch the video below for an up-close and personal look at the future of living or head on over (HERE) for more information on Gamuda Cove.

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