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How Having Friends Who Are Different From Us Bring Out The Best In Everyone

How Having Friends Who Are Different From Us Bring Out The Best In Everyone

Having a diverse group of friends can enrich our lives in many ways and we might learn new things along the way.

Adeline Leong

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Despite believing that life is too short not to try something new, we are all creatures of comfort.

We stick to what we’re comfortable and familiar with such as keeping the same group of friends, the same fashions we’ve worn since our teens, and ordering our usual drinks whenever we’re at the bar.

It’s human nature to find a sense of safety with the familiar but doing too much of the same thing can keep us from personal growth.

Perhaps, we can learn how to embrace changes by remembering how we first made new friends in a new environment during our university years.

In our first year, most of us didn’t know anyone in the same class or dorms and it was tempting to hole up in our room.

However, we’re also social creatures so we’ll eventually make new friends and form a bigger group of friends with people from other courses and backgrounds.

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Everyone in the new friend group might be different yet complement each other. The spontaneous ones might help introduce the shy ones to try new activities.

The social butterflies might help the quieter ones to be less anxious and mingle more at parties. Friends who are wiser might offer support and better advice in our times of need too.

Together, we might learn new things from each other such as trading recipes or learning another culture.

Little did we know, having friends who are different from us can help us in many ways. Stepping out of our comfort zones away from our familiar group of friends helped enrich our university experience and we gained lifelong friends.

Embracing diversity enriches our lives in many ways

Just like how having a diverse group of friends bring out the best of us, a new twist to your usual drinks can bring a refreshing flavour to your palate.

If you’re keen to give your usual drinks a fresh new taste, why not try your hand at mixing your own drinks?

It can even be turned into a fun activity such as a sampling session with your friends at parties or hangout sessions.

The Glenmorangie X is a single malt Scotch whisky boasting a cornucopia of rich and sweet flavours such as vanilla, orange sherbet, pear, honeysuckle, and chocolate fudge.

It’s meant to go well with almost any flavour so your friends can still enjoy the variety of drinks made even if they have different tastes each.

To create a diverse sampling session, it’s good to have a variety of fruit juices, cordials, sweeteners of your choice and lots of ice on hand.

The versatility of Glenmorangie X mixes well with citrusy juices such as orange and apple juices for a refreshing burst.

It can also be mixed with sweet cordials such as elderflower and blackcurrant cordials. Friends with a super sweet tooth can sweeten their drinks with syrups of their choice such as agave syrup too.

Sometimes, enjoying a simple drink is just as delicious. For something simpler to prepare and extra bubbly, the Glenmorangie X can just be mixed with ginger beer or tasty sodas such as a passionfruit soda.

The drinks can be made more fanciful by topping them with a colourful garnish such as a lemon twist, orange wedges, mint leaves, fanned apple slices or edible flowers.

While it seems like there’s a lot of ingredients to prepare, you don’t need to venture far from home to get what you need and entertain your guests.

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