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Why You Must Celebrate Victories, No Matter How Small

Why You Must Celebrate Victories, No Matter How Small

Celebrating your small wins does wonders for your mental health, self-confidence, and motivation.

Anne Dorall

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Human brains are hard-wired to react and latch on to bad news first, because it’s literally built into our instinctive fight-or-flight response. This negative bias evolved to keep us out of harm’s way: constant vigilance for danger can help us avoid and escape risky situations.

So, even if we know we should always “focus on the silver lining”, our brains will traitorously mull over pessimistic thoughts and disgruntlement.

It’s one of the reasons why we often feel like life is going from bad to worse, even if objectively that might not be the case. Plenty of people struggle with feelings of inadequecy and depression, and the negative thoughts running in our heads often make things worse.

After all, many of us grew up with strict expectations of doing better and being the best. We tend to lose sight of all our wins and only focus on mistakes. Naturally, this leads to severe burnout and unhappiness.

Life likes to beat you when you’re down. Yeah, we get it.
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But there’s actually a simple way you can remind yourself of your achievements.

Celebrate your victories, no matter how small.

So many of us forget that big things all started with small steps. Big dreams started with small, attainable goals. Big results came from small, consistent work.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; just like your career, your dream, or your relationship. So why shouldn’t you celebrate all the hard work you’ve done along the way, no matter which journey you’re currently on?

Give yourself a big confidence boost by treating yourself well!
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Did you have a big presentation with your big boss that went flawlessly? Celebrate.

Did you hit a personal best in your fitness journey? Celebrate.

Or did you manage to complete a personal project after years of telling yourself you’ll “get around to it”? Celebrate it anyway!

We’ve got just the thing for you:

When you think celebration, it’s gotta be popping champagne. It’s a whole vibe (that even has its own emojis)! 🍾🥂

But there are different kinds of champagne for different days, big or small. Depending on what you’re celebrating, try out these options to have a private celebration in the comfort of your own home, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Four mini Moëts for just yourself, when you need a little pick-me-up.
(Credit: Moët & Chandon/Shopee)

If you feel like you only took a small step towards a bigger goal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate. Small wins can (and should!) still be celebrated in small ways, such as with the Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial Mini 4-Pack!

The minis are perfect for those little wins that definitely still deserve a little of hype, but maybe not as much as a big thing.

Completing the first step of a longer journey is still a win, because the first step is always the hardest! Whether you just registered a business license for your side-hustle passion project, or just kick-started your new streaming channel, the Moët Impérial Mini is like a promise to yourself: when you reach another small milestone in your journey to achieve your big goal, you can open up another mini.

It comes with everything you need for an awesome cocktail at home.
(Credit: Moët & Chandon/Shopee)

But maybe you don’t want something so grand. Maybe it’s for a personal milestone, something silly that means more to you than you care to explain.

Maybe you hit 1,000 subscribers on your Twitch account, or sold your 100th cake as a home baker, or read your 100th book of the year. A personal best is still a best, and if you did it, you deserve to celebrate it anyway.

To match your celebration, why not try out self-shaken cocktails with the Hennessy VS Shaker or Belvedere Summer Edition, which comes with everything you need (including a recipe!) to throw back some deliciously happy cocktails snugly at home.

The Hennessy Very Special (VS) Cognac is a modern twist on Hennessy’s 3-Star, and when paired with the Belvedere Summer Edition Vodka with its hint of cream and spice, makes for a youthful and fun drink.

There’s a reason why it’s classic: it’s super classy.
(Credit: Moët & Chandon/Facebook)

For any huge milstone in your life, you’d want to go with the classic. The Moët Impérial is the iconic champagne drink for any time you want to feel sophisticated and adult.

Bought a car? Nailed a top client? Hit RM50K in secure savings? Pop that bottle for a toast.

Since 1869, the classic Moët & Chandon’s unique style of champange, touched with bright fruitiness and elegant maturity, has been the hallmark of celebrating engagements, big promotions, and life-changing milestones.

Celebrating your wins will help to motivate yourself towards a better future. Of course, these celebratory drinks are meant only for non-Muslims above 21 years old, but if you are young, a Muslim, or simply not fond of alcoholic drinks, you can do the same with your favourite drinks or desserts too!

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