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7 Gifts Under RM30 From Local Malaysian Online Shops Perfect For The Holiday Season

7 Gifts Under RM30 From Local Malaysian Online Shops Perfect For The Holiday Season

From stroopwafels to hot chocolate dipsticks, your Malaysian friends will appreciate these.

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It’s that time of the year again. Jolly winter songs, evergreen trees with ornaments, year-end sales, gingerbread cookies, and… secret Santas. It’s the holiday season!

Secret Santas are events to exchange gifts, where every member of the group shares the spirit of giving regardless of race, religion, or age. But, what do you wanna get your Malaysian friends?

Tired of thinking? Hey don’t worry, we got you. Here are some of our list of local gift ideas for your local friends just under RM30! Buy it in bulk lah!

1. Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Okay, there might be a few but this jolly time of the year, upgrade your chocolate game with Cocoraw. They’re sorta like Royce’s chocolates but, local and more affordable. These are perfect for those friends who crave a high-end taste.

There’s nothing more appreciative than giving your loved ones a box of chocolates (left). These creative ‘hot chocolate dipsticks’ (right) will dissolve in your hot milk after a good stir.
Credit: Cocoraw Website

They have several physical kiosks in the Klang Valley called Cocodash for those who want to have a better look and taste of the chocolates. They sell all things chocolate including boxed chocolates (RM19-RM32) with local flavors of Salted Gula Melaka and Teh Tarik to Hot Chocolate Dipsticks (RM15 per stick) which you can just dip into hot milk.

If you wanna browse online, you can too but currently, they only ship to the Klang Valley. Visit their website here.

2. DIY Batik Painting Kit

Batik. A very national symbol of our Malaysian culture. But not every Malaysian knows how to do Batik painting. Let alone Batik Canting with waxes and stuff.

What better way to educate your friends about their own heritage than buying them DIY Batik Painting Kit? These are perfect for those creative overachievers. You can get these kits at Jadi Batek.

They have artistic scenery templates (left) as well as Christmas-themed templates (right). Get your friend’s creative side going with these!
Credit: Jadi Batek Website

They sell Batik DIY Painting, coloring set for beginners, and also children to explore batik making. They have so many templates to choose from and you basically just have to watercolor them.

Their DIY single kit costs only around RM20. Take a look at them here.

3. Bath Bombs

Now everyone loves a good bubble bath every now and then right? You can get bath bombs at Lush for a decent price but we’re supporting locals aren’t we? So try out Wunderbath instead!

Their Christmas collection features the bestselling Naughty or Nice Bath Bomb (left) for RM18.90 and their Wunder Surprise Bath Bomb (right) sells for RM27.90 with a surprise gift inside.
Credit: Wunderbath Website

From custom-made soaps and candles to essential oils and hand sanitizers, Wunderbath covers all things bath-related! This is a perfect gift for those who appreciate relaxing bubbly baths. Their bath bombs will help soften and moisturize delicate skins as they are enriched with plant oils and extracts.

Wunderbath bath bomb prices start as low as RM17.90. Check more on them here.

4. Scented Candles

Nobody would reject a scented candle right? Those who never bought them will grow to love them if they got it as a gift. Introduce your scented candle virgin friends with affordable handmade candles at Lilin + Co.

A sandalwood candle (left) will leave your room feeling woody and luxurious. Go and take a look at their showroom (right) in PJ.
Credit: Lilin + Co Website

Not sure which fragrance would suit your friend’s taste? You can have a whiff of these scents at their showroom in Petaling Jaya. They have 65g and 170g candles in simple glasses. Their bestseller classics range from Neuroli & Ylang Ylang scents to Sandalwood scents.

Their scented candles start as low as RM25 for the 65g one. Browse your preferred gifts here.

5. Stroopwafel – Kukkibakes

What’s a stroopwafel? Good question. Surprise your friends with a roundly cute caramel-filled wafer waffle. Get them homemade from Kukkibakes. These are meant for your friends who love a little sweet tooth with their evening tea.

Credit: @kukkibakes / Instagram

Stroopwafels are great to go with a hot drink. The key is to put it on a cup or a mug of your hot drink and let it soften for a few minutes. Then it’s ready to be eaten! These wafers could also go great with ice creams or just on their own.

Kukkibakes sells their 14 pcs stroopwafel in a jar for RM27. Check them out here.

6. Enamel Pins

Do you think your friends look okay but they need a little edge on their wardrobe? Well, do we have the perfect thing for you. Enamel pins from Lebihlah!

This is great for those friends who want to look extra. LebihLah designs pins that will take you down memory lane and remind you what being Malaysian is truly about. These cute aesthetic pins go well on bags, t-shirts, jackets, hats, and basically anything you can pin stuff to.

Each of their pins such as the tiger balm (left) and Hup Seng Crackers (right) costs around RM25 only.
Credit: LEBIHLAH. website

They have staple Malaysian representations on pins such as the Hup Seng biscuits, Super Ring snack, Rattan chair, EX5 motorcycle and more! Your friends will appreciate the adorableness of these pins as they pack their pins in a tea bag concept.

You can customize your own pins too. Have a look at their website here.

7. Coasters

You know you’re a grown-up if you need coasters to put under your drinks. Got any friends who are like that? Well, save them the hassle and get them these artistic Malaysian coasters at Bingka.

Bingka is a local business that designs and silkscreen print patterns based on Malaysian culture on fabric. They sell fun and functional goods from tea towels and bags to dining wear like these very creative coasters.

Let your friends serve you drinks on these unique coasters you gave them. Harimau Haiwan Malaysia Coaster (left). Black Mahagajah Coaster (right).
Credit: Bingka Website

What’s interesting about their coasters are the tiny details they put on the pattern. Get your friends these and let them admire Bingka’s craftsmanship every time they sip a drink.

Their coaster costs RM10 each but you can get them in sets of 4 for Rm35. You can browse their store here.

Although we Malaysians don’t have a snowy Christmas over here, this is definitely the time of the year where we gather up with families and friends for a good quality time. Show your members that you appreciate them with these affordable and local gifts. #sapotlokal

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