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Eco-Shop Items Will No Longer Be RM2.10 Starting 1 December

Eco-Shop Items Will No Longer Be RM2.10 Starting 1 December

Eco-Shop telling why its items no longer selling for RM2.10 starting next month!

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Nowadays, everything feels more expensive because it is.

Consumers are often torn between spending more for high quality or buying cheap to save money.

Indeed, it can be challenging to find good things with good quality and low prices!

But the Malaysian budget chain store Eco-Shop quickly became popular for offering all their items at a very reasonable price of RM2.10.

For that, Eco-Shop has become a place for many people to shop!

Yet, all good things must come to an end.

Communicating A Price Increase To Customers Is Always A Tricky Task

From the 1st of next month, the goods sold by the chain store will increase by 10 cents!

According to an announcement by Eco-Shop, starting from the first day of December, the goods sold by the chain will begin from RM2.20.

In Sabah, Sarawak and Langkawi, Eco-Shop will adjust its prices from RM2.30 to RM2.40.

Do So In Such A Way Where You Can Provide Valid Reasons 

The company justified the price increase by pointing out that they have always adhered to the principle of selling high-quality but low-priced goods.

Nevertheless, consumers are divided in their opinions.

Some feel that the 10 cent increase would not hurt their bottom line.

Despite the increase to RM2.20, it is still affordable compared to other places which are usually RM4 and above per item.

Netizen Aya Hidayah.

Others questioned why Eco-Shop increased its prices despite seemingly doing well, and threatened to boycott.

The Rise of RM2 Stores

There are many brands of ‘RM2 stores’ in Malaysia – which usually sell goods at even cheaper than those in hypermarkets – such as the new Mr DIY subsidiary Mr Dollar.

Among the RM2 stores, Eco-Shop is the oldest player in Malaysia.

It has more than 150 branches across Malaysia, selling more than one million products, and all of them are sold at RM2.10 (Peninsular Malaysia).

In addition to selling daily necessities and snacks, Eco-Shop recently launched its “Eco-Bakery” chain of bakeries.

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