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[Watch] Malaysian Nurse Finally Comes Home From Singapore After 2 Year Pandemic

[Watch] Malaysian Nurse Finally Comes Home From Singapore After 2 Year Pandemic

Tracy still needs to quarantine for seven days before she can physically reunite with her family.

Maya Suraya

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It’s been almost two years since I last saw my family in Malaysia and being so close yet so far away in Singapore makes the situation even more taxing knowing you’re just a stone’s throw away from them.

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When TikTok user @trcyjntm or Tracy posted a video recently about her journey back home to Malaysia after two years abroad in Singapore, the feels hit real close to the heart.

In the 59-second viral video that has since received over 1 million views,  Tracy is seen locking up at her apartment with her suitcase beside her.

It is revealed she is a Malaysian nurse who works in Singapore and since the Covid-19 breakout, she’s been stuck across the causeway for two years on the frontlines.

But the time has finally come for her to fly back home to see her family.


you made it, tracy ❤️

♬ To the Bone – Pamungkas

Goodbye for now, Singapore

What used to be a common sight for travellers, became nostalgia with Tracy videoing the plane taking off followed by picturesque views of the land below.

While that longing to travel (freely) is already emotional for some, the kicker came when Tracy took a video of herself eating a muffin and suddenly gets emotional.

The moment Tracy starts to cry, was the moment I started too as well.

She recalled how much she struggled for two years without her family and how hard it was handling the pandemic as a frontliner.

“Just cannot believe I am finally going back home after everything I’ve been through” she captions in the video accompanied by happy/sad tears.

And to all Malaysians, welcome home

Upon landing in Malaysia, the words every Malaysian abroad longs to hear could be heard which this Netizen perfectly summed up in the comments section.

After a whole day of travel from Singapore via Kuala Lumpur to her final destination in Miri, Sarawak, Tracy is finally “reunited” with her family but still has to quarantine as she is coming from overseas.

The video then ends with her thanking everyone who has been praying and wishing for her wellbeing for the past two years.

She also thanks those who have been vaccinated because of them, she’s able to go home.

And because of high vaccination rates, there are now more relaxed restrictions for Malaysians to re-enter Singapore.

This includes reduced tests and serving Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) at your preferred place of accommodation instead of shelling out SGD 1,450 (RM4,500) at a designated facility which gives more Malaysians confidence to take that leap home – finally.

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