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Future Teacher Teaches Netizens Compassion For Stray Animals, Always Stops To Feed Them

Future Teacher Teaches Netizens Compassion For Stray Animals, Always Stops To Feed Them

TikTok user naika_mika began posting her videos feeding stray animals only 3 months ago in hopes to raise public awareness.

Maya Suraya

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Last month, veterinarian Salehatul Khuzaimah made social news to educate her followers on her TikTok how to handle stray dogs if they come across one.

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Her act of kindness, and what also some people deemed as brave, just goes to show no matter what you believe, we can still live together in peace and harmony if our heart is in the right place.

In the continuing spirit for the love of strays, another TikTok user has recently been capturing the hearts of many netizens.

Namika @naika_mika or Zuria Farhana Mohamad started her TikTok page only three months ago which features videos of her feeding various cats and dogs.  

@naika_mika dari jauh hujung jalan dia kejar🥺 lajak laju nasib baik sempat sedar yang kakak ni muslim. kalau tak mesti datang peluk dah ni kan☺️#fyp#straydog ♬ original sound – namika

She has already amassed over 60,000 followers with the bulk of her videos showing her feed various stray cats and dogs, accompanied by cute video captions.

The beauty of her videos are not just the kind gesture of feeding the animals, but she also gives some of the strays names – and that takes a special kind of person to do that!

(Credit: naika_mika / TikTok)

From feeding only cats to now dogs too

Farhana, who works as a part-time e-hailing driver, is a Master Degree student majoring in Mathematics Education at University Perguruan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in Tanjung Malim, Perak.

Her passion to feed the strays began when she first came to UPSI in 2018. It started with cats, but she eventually started feeding stray dogs too as she slowly got friendly with them and overcame her fear.  

If people want to start feeding dogs, don’t be scared. At first, I used to put the food down and watch them eating from a distance. The dogs have gotten to know me over time. Although Muslims are not allowed to handle dogs, it is okay to feed them.

Zuria Farhana Mohamad via Malay Mail / mStar

She happens to be quite popular with some of the strays in Tanjung Malim because the moment the dogs see her car, they will rush towards her.

@naika_mika hari2 nak balik rumah paktam akan tggu di bahu jalan. dari jauh dia dah cam kereta🥰 my sweetie tam🖤 #black #tam #dog #sweet #fypシ ♬ original sound – namika

Raising public awareness

She tells mStar that she wants to raise public awareness so that people would not be frightened to approach stray animals and help them.

People are usually afraid of dogs and only feed stray cats. I am happy when viewers tell me that they have begun to feed street dogs

Zuria Farhana Mohamad via Malay Mail / mStar

In some of the videos, you can see her feeding the dogs canned food that can cost anywhere between RM6-8, which cost more than a simple meal for humans!

However, for Farhana, she’s not concerned about the money and seeing them eat is what makes her happy.

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