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Think Your Life Is A Series Of Unfortunate Events? This Can Help

Think Your Life Is A Series Of Unfortunate Events? This Can Help

Just like how you don’t realize how much you need umbrellas until a rainy day.

Anne Dorall

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Some days you may call it “coincidence”, on another day, just plain “unlucky”, but some bad days may leave you wondering if you’ve become an extra in The Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Misery loves company, after all. It’s never enough that you missed your alarm. You will also realize that’s the day you’re presenting the annual review for your boss, you will spill coffee on yourself, you will rear-end a client’s car… Hey, we didn’t make that up. It’s just Murphy’s Law at work.

We can’t hack the universe with GTA cheat codes when something goes wrong (as much as we’d love to), but there’s actually a way you can give yourself a safety net… just in case we’re dealt one of those bad days.

What if you could protect yourself before those bad things happen?

The thing is, you don’t have to suck it up and take the hit yourself when misfortune comes knocking. There’s an entire industry built around protecting you when that happens, and like an umbrella on a rainy day, your insurance provider is pretty essential.

Allianz in particular has strategically set up Allianz Lifestyle Protect, so you can live your best life in peace.

It’s not just about car accidents or misfortune either. They even cover things like online shopping scams and missed concerts.

Protect your online purchases

With the pandemic, crime now arrives at our front door. Or rather, in this case, does not arrive, because I can’t be the only person who had their packages stolen, right?

With all the online purchases we’ve been making during this pandemic, there’s no shame in admitting we’ve fallen for a scam or waited weeks for a package before realizing we’ve spent money on a fake website or simply had our items go missing.

PS. If anyone could please return my package, that would be great. I don’t know what you would want to do with 10kg of cat litter. I won’t ask questions.
(Credit: Envato)

Besides that, there’s no guarantee we’re getting a refund from the online platform, so will we have to just chalk it up to bad luck?

Not to worry, because Allianz will compensate us for the purchase price of these losses!

Protect yourself from snatch thefts

In fact, if something really bad (touch wood) happens such as a snatch theft or having your home broken into, you are more likely to lose those coveted electronics, such as your Smart TV, laptops, or smartphones, or even other expensive items like sports equipment!

Gaming setups and peripherals can easily rack up a few thousand ringgit.
(Credit: Envato)

You might spend days stressing over wasted money, but insurance is meant to protect you from financial loss and give you a peace of mind– even in the face of bad luck!

Protect your experiences

Now we all know that big gathering events like concerts and festivals were called off while the pandemic was going on. Still, as more people in the country get vaccinated and the country transitions from this Covid-19 pandemic to an endemic phase, entertainment events will likely be making a swift comeback.

Have you been back to the cinemas since they reopened?
(Credit: TRP)

Naturally, everyone will be excited to attend these events, but misfortune is known to strike at the most inopportune moments– if you are ever forced to miss these coveted events due to being hospitalized from an accident, you can rest assured that Allianz will reimburse tickets and registration fees for concerts, movies, theme parks, amusement parks, or sporting events.

Protect yourself from accidents

We’ve all seen stories of how one accident can change someone’s life forever. You might even know someone who went through that themselves. And since we’re talking about insurance providers, accidents are their favourite example to bring up, isn’t it?

Being hospitalized can be downright scary, but what’s worse is being discharged and realizing nothing is the same anymore. The sad truth is that serious accidents for any reason can change a person’s life completely.

Sometimes, hospitalizations are temporary. Sometimes, it’s not.
(Credit: Freepik)

Accidents can leave people with lasting health issues or permanent disability. Many will need to give up their jobs, or plans for study, or realize that they can no longer move freely within their own home if there are too many stairs. Plenty of people think about the mental and physical struggle of a serious accident, but what about the opportunity costs?

Allianz Lifestyle Protect will cover all these crucial expenses, such as nursing care fees, rehabilitation fees, credit card and loans, and even the costs of renovation to make your home more accessible for those with health needs.

Yes, getting into a life-changing accident can be devastating. But won’t you feel a lot better knowing that you have a safety net and you won’t need to stress even more about the unexpected financial costs of an already difficult situation?

Misfortune comes when you least expect it.
(Credit: Envato)

Our lifestyle is a necessity, not a luxury

The fact of the matter is that our modern lifestyle of smartphones and online shopping is no longer a “luxury”. For everyone, and especially with the pandemic, staying connected and reliance on online services has never been more crucial.

Our lifestyle today is a necessity, and should be treated accordingly. With Allianz Lifestyle Protect, you can insure your life for just RM0.23/day- and isn’t that worth an untroubled mind? Visit their website here to check out the terms and conditions that apply.

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