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Overrated Products To Buy For 10.10, And Why We Absolutely Love Them

Overrated Products To Buy For 10.10, And Why We Absolutely Love Them

These 5 recommendations get all 10s in our book.

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It’s almost 10.10 and you know what that means? Sales galore on your favourite e-commerce platforms!

If you’re like me and excited at the prospect of a good deal, but don’t know what to buy, here are a few ideas the team at TRP have come up with a probable chance of being on sale because of all the hype surrounding it.

Ready, set, shop!

1. Air Fryer

(Credit: Shopee)

The popularity still hasn’t dwindled, and for good reason too. Not only is it a healthier option to “fry” food by using a fraction of the oil typically needed, but it’s also super fast.

It can also double up as an oven because anything you can bake, you can make in an air fryer.

The only downside that air fryer owners complain about? Cleaning up. But then again, cleaning up anything is a bit of a pain right?

2. Soymilk maker

(Credit: Lazada)

Not a fan of soy milk? Maybe it’s cause you haven’t had the real deal and if you are a fan of soy milk, this product is for you.

TRP’s Anne Dorall describes fresh soy milk like a warm home in the “most comforting way”.

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Using a soymilk maker at home, you can control how sweet you want your soybean to taste, you can even use unrefined sugars.

These machines and the raw ingredients you’ll need are also relatively inexpensive.

3. Waffle iron

(Credit: The Keyboard Waffle Iron via wUSA9)

Not to be mistaken with a waffle maker, waffle irons are cast-iron devices used to make waffles over a stovetop.

The main difference between the two though is with a cast iron, you can flip it over the stove to ensure your waffles are cooked evenly, something a maker doesn’t always achieve.

Also, cleaning up will probably be easier as you can just soak it water, while you can’t with the maker.

4. Robot vacuum

“Mr Gutsy”, my trusty robot vacuum doing it’s job.

I’ve been a super fan of the robot vacuum for years now. I was hesitant at first but was immediately convinced after its first day on the job picking up the dust, particles, hair etc…

You can set a timer for it to go off at a set time, it maps out your home for you, and some have a mopping option!

Only con I found was it that it doesn’t vacuum shaggy carpets.

Do shop for a reputable brand though. My go-to brand is Xiaomi and the Roborock has rocked my world with no problems for 3 years now.

5. Electronic scale

As Malaysians, we tend to cook with our intuition. It’s a bit of this, a pinch of that.

But there will come a time where we will need to specifically measure and weigh what we’re cooking and that’s when an electronic scale comes in super handy.

The magic tare button is my favourite because I only need one bowl to measure several different ingredients.

TRP’s Azizul recommends using one to measure liquids so you can get the right amount needed to make coffee for example.

Just place the mug and the coffee on the scale, press tare, and add water.

Note 1 ml of liquid is approximately 1g and 1kg equals to 1 litre.

A word to the wise: Do your research on the products and read the reviews before purchasing.

With so many reports of cash-on-delivery (COD) scams, be wary if you’re doing a COD transaction.

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