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Too Many White Flags? Raise A Purple Flag To Donate To Your Community!

Too Many White Flags? Raise A Purple Flag To Donate To Your Community!

There is only one donor for every 17 households raising the white flag.

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The Bendera Putih/ White Flag movement captured the attention of the world with several international media outlets picking up on the initiative that saw Malaysians helping other Malaysians in dire straits and in need of assistance.

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Those who needed help would raise a white flag at their home to signal distress.

Not long after the movement gained momentum, was created and helped to track those who required help.

Positive solutions, generous Malaysians

But now, a new purple flag has been introduced to represent those who want to help. is once again bridging the gap between those who needed the help and those who wanted it.

The Purple Flag Movement, launched in early September in selected states, aims to keep the momentum going by creating a presence that help is still available.

It is an ongoing problem that’s already affected thousands of Malaysians and rather than just create awareness around it, we have created a platform for Malaysians to actually do something about it – a solution for Malaysians by Malaysians.”

Reza Razali, founder of Kita Jaga

More people in need than those who take heed

Currently, the number of white flags on outnumber purple flags at a ratio of 17:1 with purple flags progressively declining.

An example of how many white flags there are vs’ purple flags
(Credit: Kita Jaga)

The disparity shows the pressing need for more donors to come forward and help those in need by ensuring that their please do not go unnoticed.

Join the Purple Flag Movement

Although the economy is slowly opening up, there are still a disparaging amount of those unemployed and your generosity will help them immensely.

Joining the Purple Flag movement is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Register at
  2. Pin a virtual purple flag at your location
  3. Prepare your donation (e.g. daily necessities such as dry groceries, baby products, stationary etc…)
  4. Let the Kita Jaga team know you want to help and are ready with your donation.

For more details on how to register, watch the video here:

To ensure the safety of both donor and receiver, the Purple Flag team will then arrange to collect and pass donations to homes with white flags.

This will make it even easier for those who want to donate as the delivery service is also done for free.

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