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Reset Your Skin In Just 7 Days With L’occitane’s ‘New’ Skin Care Line

Reset Your Skin In Just 7 Days With L’occitane’s ‘New’ Skin Care Line

The Immortelle Reset is the brand’s #1 Best Seller in Asia since 2019 and now launching a ‘new and improved’ series.

Maya Suraya

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Are the days of a multi-step skincare routine a thing of the past?

L’occitane’s Immortelle Reset Oil-In-Serum boasts that in just one step, you can have fresher, smoother and glowing skin in just seven days.

New and improved

If Immortelle Reset sounds familiar, it’s because it’s been L’occitane’s number one bestseller in Asia since it was first introduced to the market in 2019.

The difference with the product that’s getting a new face-lift in 2021, is that it now contains a 20% more concentrated formula to reset your skin naturally to the happy glow of what well-rested skin should look like.

It’s new and patented Immortelle Sap-Like Extract took almost 7 years of research.

It was captured using NaDES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) technology and the green “new generation” solvent was inspired by nature.

Just like a plant’s sap, it is capable of capturing the different types of compounds from within the plant, and theirs in particular has water and oil-soluble molecules so the skin can benefit from both.

Natural ingredients, sustainable future

Immortelle Reset helps to repair the impact that stress and fatigue have on your skin thanks to its natural ingredients.

For example, the organic Immortelle Sap-Like Extract comes from following herbs and soothes skin from redness/tightness and boosts recovery.

The way Immortelle Reset is sourced is also 100% organic, and they do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The company also aim to reduce their plastic pollution and by 2022, to no longer have cellophane in retail products.

A majority of Asian women thought their skin looked rested and had a healthy glow

In a consumer test on thirty Asian women with different skin types aged 18 to 62 years old, 97% agreed their skin looked rested. 93% agreed there was a healthy glow.

L’occitane Immortelle Reset comes in four different sizes and retails at the following prices:

  • 5ml starter kit (x2 pc) @ RM114
  • 30ml @ RM285
  • 50ml @RM285
  • 75ml @ RM470

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