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This Kakak Educates People On How To Handle Stray Dogs No Matter What Their Belief

This Kakak Educates People On How To Handle Stray Dogs No Matter What Their Belief

Veterinarian Salehatul Khuzaimah is seen calmly walking into a compound with many dogs roaming freely.

Maya Suraya

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With the recent increase in stray animals reported in Malaysia, we’re bound to come across them.

Although we may be less intimidated by cats due to their size, the feelings differ when it comes to dogs and many aren’t sure how to react.

So what can you do when in that situation?

Veterinarian Salehatul Khuzaimah, who goes by the handle @drima_vet, took to her social media in a video post with tips on how to deal with stray dogs if you come across one.


Jumpa anjing tak dikenali/liar, what you should do? ##vetlife ##drima_vet ##fyp ##TikTokGuru ##LearnOnTiktok

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In her video, she can be seen walking towards what appears to be a shelter with dogs roaming around freely.

Her partner, who is recording the video at first, is heard saying he’s scared cause there are too many dogs inside.

Salehatul then takes over the recording and enters the grounds.

Her video caption says “What you should do if you come across a stray dog” with the following tips:

  1. Do not be scared and panic when coming in contact with a dog.
  2. Study the dog’s body language.
  3. Avoid direct eye contact with them as they may misconstrue your gaze as a threat and react accordingly.
  4. If the dog approaches you, stay still and let them come to you. Don’t run!
  5. The dog will eventually turn away and as a sign of respect. When that happens, it’s safe so you can keep going.

Throughout the video, you could see Salehatul interacting with the dogs as they look happy to see her, wagging their tails and sniffing her.  

She then leaves the compound saying ‘good bye’ while the dogs all stand obediently watching her walk away.

The video ends with the cheeky on-screen text that says “I’m an animal doctor, but he’s a doctor of my heart” as the video zooms in on her partner who waits for her outside the gate.

Netizens react

Since posting her video a week ago, it has been viewed over 1.2 million times, 100k likes and close to 3k comments with many of her followers expressing how brave she was and how if it was them, they’d have run.

While one person joked about how he can relate to how her partner feels.

Some comments mentioned how amazing she was and how beautiful it was to watch.

Just goes to show that no matter what you believe, we can still live together in peace and harmony.

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