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Chinese Vape Giant Calls For Regulations In Malaysia

Chinese Vape Giant Calls For Regulations In Malaysia

Regulations can benefit the government, businesses and public health.

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The world-renowned Chinese based vaping brand, SnowPlus, believes that Malaysia can play a crucial role in the success of the global e-cigarette game besides lowering the number of cigarette smokers – we just need to set up the right pieces on the board.

The company’s Co-Founder and Head of Overseas Business Derek Li, was convinced that the implementation of a proper regulatory framework for the industry here in the country can create a healthy and proactive atmosphere for businesses, the government as well as the public at large.

SnowPuls Co-Founder and Co-Founder and Head of Overseas Business Derek Li.

Derek explains that regulators and policymakers must work together with industry players to ensure greater safety and commerce standards for the entire vape market.

“Such a move will also help secure consumers’ and governments’ approval, facilitate the administration of flexible regulations, and maintain healthy competition in the industry,” he said, adding that there is a clear need to monitor, certify and specify standards for the industry in Malaysia.

(Credit: Unsplash/iMoney)

Having the right rules and regulations for the industry also brings positive benefits to public health and reaffirms our nation’s goals of eliminating cigarette smoking in the country.

A report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) noted that tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable death around the world – causing more than 7 million deaths a year.

In comparison, vape products are said to be substantially less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

According to Public Health England (PHE), e-cigarettes are estimated to be 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco products and provides a greater potential to help traditional smokers quit.

As a safer alternative to traditional tobacco use, the vape industry has attracted attention from regulators and policymakers globally. As public awareness regarding the harmful effects of combustible cigarettes continues to increase, consumers have been looking for less harmful alternatives to traditional tobacco products.

SnowPlus Co-Founder and Head of Overseas Business Derek Li
(Credit: SnowPlusMY via Facebook)

Founded in 2018, SnowPlus began its global expansion in 2020 and has experienced four-fold international annual growth despite the global Covid-19 crisis.

Derek said that the company’s success in Malaysia has helped paved the way for its growth in other parts of the world and was adamant that the country can provide a strong foothold for its brand and the vaping industry.

As the vape industry evolves and matures, we will continue to grow and innovate at a fast pace. Driven by our commitment to delivering a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes, we believe we will continue our journey as one of the world’s leading vape brands.

SnowPlus Co-Founder and Head of Overseas Business Derek Li

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