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3 Simple Steps To Read Daily Covid-19 Numbers Which Put Things In Perspective

3 Simple Steps To Read Daily Covid-19 Numbers Which Put Things In Perspective

Instead of just looking at the number of new cases, look at the numbers and percentages from each category.

Maya Suraya

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Last month, the Ministry of Health (KKM) introduced a new infographic that shows new Covid-19 cases based on the categories, while also stressing the percentage of UNVACCINATED people in each of those categories.

KKM’s infographic from 4 August 2021 as reference

Turns out, people have been too focused on the increasing number of new cases when they should be focusing on the percentage of us who are vaccinated.

This was not only highlighted in a post by Dr Tash Karan, but netizen Tai Zee Kin has now given us a quick guide on how to read the daily numbers.

HOW TO READ THE DAILY NUMBERS (as summarised by Zee Kin)

STEP 1: Look at the different categories

  • Categories 4 and 5 indicate the need for hospitalisation. These are the numbers that take up hospital capacity.
  • Categories 1 and 2 do not require hospitalisation with most of those in Category 1 not even realising they had Covid. This category would usually stay home, monitor their situation daily and update in MySejahtera.

STEP 2: Look at the percentage of patients who are not vaccinated.

  • Categories 4 and 5 have more than 90% who are NOT vaccinated. The remaining 10% may be vaccinated but within the 2 weeks it takes before immunity kicks fully, partially vaccinated (1 dose), or fully vaccinated.

STEP 3: Look at Category 3 – the numbers in isolation.

  • Category 3 patients are those who displayed respiratory symptoms but not to the point of requiring an oxygen machine/supply.
  • Category 3 patients should invest in an oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels as a rough measurement to see if levels are adequate. According to the World Health Organization, oxygen level between 95 – 100% is normal. Levels under 94% should be evaluated by a doctor.

Of the 19,819 people who tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday (4 August), 98.2% are asymptomatic, or are experiencing symptoms similar to the common flu/cold.

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