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Our Family Can’t Stop Staring At Our Screens & We’re Loving It

Our Family Can’t Stop Staring At Our Screens & We’re Loving It

Cyberspace is just another household area that our family shares.

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It’s been close to two years since we’ve all been trapped in Covid-19 lockdowns. Two years of no Mamak sessions with friends, two years of zero dates to the movies, two years of being absent from pizza parties at the office, and definitely too much time indoors with the family stuffed together under one roof.

The adjustment period

As you’d imagine, it took some time for everyone in the household to adjust to the new normal – going from spending our time separately engrossed in our own lives and activities, to having to shout over each other during Zoom calls and fight over who gets to watch Netflix on the big family TV.

When things settled down, the family finally switched from bickering to harmoniously working together on ways to make do with the time we have with each other, like playing multiplayer mobile games in the living room or simply sharing funny videos we’d find while browsing online.

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Separate but together

Cyberspace became another household area that we as a family shared to catch up on the world, entertain ourselves and make a living as the great outdoors remained closed off for the time being.

Though everyone realised that we were spending much of our time online and staring at our screens, we figured that this wasn’t such a social taboo as we’ve all been led to believe.

Choosing not to dwell on the negative, it became comforting knowing that everyone was safe and sound, separately spending screen time attending to their own lives in each other’s company.

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Bundle up

This was why when Malaysia’s widest network came knocking with the brand new Celcom MEGA™ Family Line with Unlimited Internet, the whole family simply couldn’t wait to bundle up together to make the best of our digital lifestyles.

Just like splitting the tapau bill or sharing a media account login, consolidating everyone’s commitments onto a mobile family plan was the perfect fit for our data-driven family.

For as low as RM40 a month, the Celcom MEGA™ Family Line lets us sign up for a single Primary Line and add up to three other Family Lines to personalise our connection needs.

With the choice to be flexible, Celcom lets the family pick between having an UNLIMITED mobile internet plan for an unending supply of internet quota or a LIGHTNING mobile internet speed plan for a fast and swift browsing experience.

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Celcom’s UNLIMITED Family Line also gives us 5GB of monthly Hotspot data absolutely free of charge for the times we might need internet on the go, while the LIGHTNING plan allows us to share data with your Lightning primary line so that everyone can remain connected wherever they might find themselves to be.

As an added plus, Primary Line subscribers can also decide to switch between the UNLIMITED plan and the LIGHTNING plan once a month for even more elbow room to explore the web.

This way the whole family can have a carefree time attached to their screens, whether it’s for work or play, happily doing our own separate and personal things together.

Sign your family up for the Celcom MEGA™ Family Line today to keep them safe and separately connected with each other at home. Head on over to (HERE) for more details.

(Credit: Celcom)

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