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Are The Pills & Supplements You’re Taking Actually Safe? Find Out Here

Are The Pills & Supplements You’re Taking Actually Safe? Find Out Here

Unregulated pills can be bought online, BUT SHOULDN’T.

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Do you know whether the health and beauty pills or supplements you’ve been swallowing are safe?

In 2019, nearly half a dozen people died after taking pills that were bought via online e-Stores and even social media.

Among the pills that can be obtained online were abortion pills and other medication not prescribed by actual doctors.

This unscrupulous pill consumption, as one would imagine, can pose great health risks, create lifelong disabilities and sure enough for the really unlucky ones, an untimely death.

Check your pills!

(Credit: Myriam Zilles/Unsplash)

The Malaysian government’s main pharmaceutical body has created a portal where you can check the validity and safety of your supplements.

Concerned consumers can visit the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) page (HERE) to perform a search and instantly know the results.

The government also provides a list of products and brands which are banned and have been deemed unsafe (HERE).

What about the ads?

Ads for health and beauty products in Malaysia are strictly prohibited from making such medical claims as;

  • Able to diagnose, prevent or treat 20 types of diseases including; high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, infertility, and other diseases.
  • Able to increase kidney or heart function.
  • Can increase sexual performance.
  • Pregnancy abortions.

Consumers can check the legitimacy of these ads by referring to this government guide (HERE).

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