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Starting To Look Chubby? Here’s KKM’s Guide To A Diet Meal

Starting To Look Chubby? Here’s KKM’s Guide To A Diet Meal

How much calories you should take depends on how active you are.

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How many calories in the form of rice, bread, and noodles should you consume per day to still maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

The Nutrition Department of the Ministry of Health (MOH) has a simple summary of how much starchy foods you should eat. It depends on how active you are, of course.

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If you are not active, especially if all you do is stay at home (esepcially for those still working from home!), the MOH recommends that you consume 1500 calories per day. This may include one serving of rice (two ladles or 100g) and one serving of white bread (two slices), three times a day.

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If you are moderately active, you can bump your caloric intake to 1800 per day with two servings of rice, one serving of chapati (one slice), and one serving of bread, up to four times a day.

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For those who are active, they should consume up to 2000 calories per day which may include two servings of rice, one serving of noodles (one cup), one serving of bread, and one serving of biscuits (6 pieces).

These recommendations are based on the 2020 Malaysia Food Pyramid and each should be taken with other types of food, as well. Carbohydrates, such as the ones recommended here, are only one part of a balanced diet. Also, full grain variants of these foods are always better. 

Note that the amount of calories that each individual should consume varies on their lifestyle, so pick one that is right for you.

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