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Prepare For Your Future With Taylor’s Future Movement 2021

Prepare For Your Future With Taylor’s Future Movement 2021

It’s not a lost cause for our students trying to survive the college experience during this pandemic.

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Covid-19 rolled in and smashed through every normal process we know of, especially for students and those in the education institution.

Suddenly, the whole education system had to move online. Most students had just weeks to transition their college journey online, take exams online, graduate online, and even job hunt online, as usual orientation events and physical job fairs must be halted temporarily.

Global studies have found that this college period, where young people are given a chance to go through key milestones such as networking and graduation, are crucial to transition them into the workforce.

As the pandemic rages on though, this generation on the cusp of their adulthood find it a struggle to move smoothly into their next stage of life as the poor market outlook contributes to a growing youth unemployment rate and harder-to-find jobs.

Being able to work together in teams is also a key part of learning during the college experience.
(Credit: Taylor’s University)

The Future, now

To fill in the missing gap where young students and working professionals could find a place to connect, Taylor’s University introduced the Taylor’s Future Movement (TFM), now completely online.

The Taylor’s Future Movement 2021 is now in its fourth year running, acting as sort of an extention to its Digital Open Day, mainly for their students to build connections with other students and young professionals in various industries.

This year, to facilitate that sort of connection between peers, Taylor’s is hosting a plethora of workshops and activities over eight weeks!

Promises of the Future

College is a time to discover your passion, find your direction, and build your community. The future exists in the minds of our budding generation, after all.

Yet of course, such drive is not limited only to Taylorians, as the online workshops are open to everyone: current students, fresh graduates, alumni, or even professionals who want to diversify their portfolio!

Taylor’s Makerspace which allows students free reign to tinker around in.
(Credit: Taylor’s University)

That’s why you’ll get to do things like build your own remote control car, deep dive into big data technologies, or learn the basics of risk communication and management. Taylor’s MicroCred taster classes are perfect for young professionals looking to upskill or reskill to stay relevant during these tough employment times.

There are also more relaxed, casual sessions for freshies or potential Taylorian prospects to get to know the school better. ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions will allow you to know more about courses, campus experience, and facilities offered at Taylor’s; while various student-run clubs and societies will host interactive and engaging meets so you can get to scope out the vibe of like-minded peers.

Campus life is a crucial part of the college experience.
(Credit: Taylor’s University)

Speak for the Future

As society shifts into new frontiers of industries in a post-pandemic workforce, what better way to stay ahead than to keep a close eye on the rapidly-evolving world out there?

Notable Malaysian personalities and mavericks will also be present at a sharing-session during the Taylor’s Future Movement as well. Get up close and personal (virtually, because Covid) with internationally-acclaimed Malaysian speakers like singer-songwriter Yuna on 24th July, 8-time squash world champion Datuk Nicol David on 7th August, and political activist/writer Datin Marina Mahathir on 8th August, and more!

Just a few of the speakers that will be sharing their experiences and knowledge at TFM.
(Credit: Taylor’s University)

The best part? This event is absolutely free, requiring just your email. If you’re interested, sign up on their website HERE.

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