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RM10,000 Compound Is A Heavy Burden For Some Neighbourhood Eateries

RM10,000 Compound Is A Heavy Burden For Some Neighbourhood Eateries

A restaurant in Subang is the latest eatery to suffer the fate of unreasonably expensive compounds for breaching SOPs.

Maya Suraya

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As one TRP writer poignantly pointed out, it’s not only people but livelihoods that are dying. If the virus doesn’t kill you, it’s the domino effect of it that will.

Of the latest businesses to be caught in the tumble is café and restaurant Rata located in Subang SS15.

On Saturday (26 June), Chef Vic of Rata took to the business’ Instagram page to share his grief on heavy compounds brought upon small businesses like his.

In the video, Chef Vic recounts his “extremely upsetting night” after receiving a compound from authorities for RM10,000. However, he did not point fingers at others. He took the blame for operating past the stipulated time because his intention was to make sure that all their orders were out on time by 8 pm.

Customers come first

Since almost everyone is homebound and a lot depend on food delivery, orders kept coming in to Rata up until 7:30 pm. On top of that, the establishment was already short-staffed due to the SOP which only allows businesses to operate at 60% staff capacity.

Despite being understaffed,  Rata did not want to disappoint customers by not sending their food and Chef Vic explains that they tried their level best to finish orders by 8:20 – 8:25 pm.

 It’s so suffocating to the run day to day operations especially with this situation and the sales are not coming in properly. It is so difficult. And I feel like s**t right now.

Chef Vic of Rata Subang in an Instagram post 26 June

Chef Vic does however take responsibility and says “we definitely could have done better”.

One of Rata’s supporters even commented about how Singapore, as strict as they are on rules, only fine SGD300 for first time SOP/Circuit Breaker offences which even converted isn’t a fraction of what Malaysia is issuing.

Support your local businesses

There’s a lot that goes into operating an F&B business from paying rent, paying staff and in general keeping customers happy with promotions, discounts and new items.

RM10,000 is a lot of money, especially for small-medium size businesses and Rata will try to make an appeal on Monday.

At the end of Chef Vic’s heartfelt plea, he asks everyone to support his business and local businesses in general by placing orders to keep them afloat during these tough times.

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