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“Walk In Corridors Of Power” – Hannah Yeoh To Women Who Want To Make A Difference

“Walk In Corridors Of Power” – Hannah Yeoh To Women Who Want To Make A Difference

More Malaysian women are calling out their male counterparts on discrimination and disrespect. It’s time we listen.

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Let us not forget that afternoon at the Dewan Rakyat last year in August when a screaming match took place where name-calling like “budak kecik”  and “amoi” echoed in Parliament.

No, it was not a couple of kids teasing each other because they don’t know any better but was heard from grown, public figures and representatives of the Rakyat.

Jump forward to 9 months later, and the condescending remarks continue. This time from the Special Officer to Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Arumugam Subash Chandrabose.

He had targetted them towards Segambut MP and former Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Hannah Yeoh.

If you don’t see anything wrong in what he said, clearly we have accepted this form of bullying and discrimination as a norm, so let’s talk about it.


The term “amoi” refers to a young lady, mainly of Chinese heritage, and is historically used by older people when speaking to young women and strangers they don’t know by name.

However, many women agree there is a demeaning tone to it and should not be used lightly. While it may be on par with calling a woman a “chick”, it is definitely not something you would use in a professional setting. In fact, let’s start by not using it all. 

Yeoh herself responded that Malaysian women should occupy space that holds power to stand up to those who try to walk all over you (I’m looking at you Ain!)

Some faith in humanity has been restored with Netizens who also found A. Subash’s comments to be unprofessional.

Don’t forget, empowering women is on top of the nation’s agenda

ICYMI – The Perikatan Nasional (PN) announced back in March that they have always upheld the principle of women’s empowerment and will ensure that it continues to be an important national agenda.

If we’re going to achieve this, we must eliminate stigmatisation, stereotyping, and let’s add nonsensical labels to that list as well!

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