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Paralysed Scholar’s Journey In Search Of A Disabled-Friendly Home

Paralysed Scholar’s Journey In Search Of A Disabled-Friendly Home

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It’s only natural to dream of owning a home for your loving family to grow up in. This is one man’s story in his pursuit of that dream.

Dr Basri Husin was 32 and working on his Ph.D when he was struck down by dengue fever. It caused a blood clot in his spinal cord and paralysed him from the waist down. 

Despite the monumental challenge of coping with his injury, he strives for a better life for his family. Now 39, with his loving wife and two children by his side, Basri has a chance to to better their circumstance with a new, disabled-friendly home.

Leaving his kampung in pursuit of a PhD when tragedy struck

Originally from Padang Serai, Kedah, Basri came to Kuala Lumpur in 2000 to further his education in Islamic Studies in University Malaya. Here he met his college sweetheart who would become his wife. 

The first of his siblings to achieve a university degree, Basri aimed to make his family, and his whole village proud. Marrying in 2008, children followed soon after.

Living at Bukit Angkasa at the time, the conditions there were dilapidated and it was a mosquito infestation that led to the hardship he now faces today. Hospitalised for 50 days, his life had been devastated. He was in tears for two weeks. 

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Thankfully, with the support of his dutiful and loving wife, she gave him the strength he needed to survive this ordeal. Saying ‘These tears will not help our children grow.’ 

After months of rehabilitation, she encouraged him to continue his pursuit of his doctoral degree, to be motivated and have a drive to succeed and live a meaningful life. Especially for his young children. 

Despite his difficulties, Basri does his utmost as a father. Making an effort to send them to school and be there for important occasions when they receive awards or even for report card day. 

Malaysian Spinal Cord Injury Advocacy Association

After completing his Ph.D, Basri became the Secretary of the Malaysian Spinal Cord Injury Advocacy Association. 

I feel very lucky because my wife gives me so much support. I feel as if when my bones are broken, she is my bones. I have some friends who are not so lucky and their partners left them because they are not able to cope with caring for a disabled person.This association is a way to provide support for those effected who are not as lucky as me. Managing this association is something I can do to give back to this community.

Dr. Basri Husin, Secretary of the Malaysian Spinal Cord Injury Advocacy Association

His wife noted that Basri is very independent and active. Taking public transportation and even taking flights to other states on his own. 

He even took up scuba diving, saying that the calmness of the marine life was magnificent and underwater he doesn’t feel his disability impedes him. 

Credit: PropertyGuru/Facebook

A message for the community

When asked what he would like to tell the general public, Basri said that he would like to encourage the community to be more respectful of the disabled community by being considerate with their facilities. 

The simple act of not parking in the disabled spaces can help so much. Disabled people strive to live active and meaningful lives, and these facilities and considerations go a long way and are key in supporting them.

The prospect of a new home

At this stage of his life, Basri sees his friends and colleagues able to reach new heights in providing for their families, and he is envious of this because of his circumstance.

This opportunity to obtain a home for his family would tremendously help in this respect. 

In a fortunate turn of events, Basri has been nominated as a finalist in a competition that could lead to him and his family getting a new disabled-friendly home.

Asked if he had a message to anyone who hears his story, Basri said “Please give us a chance to win the house and vote. We really need the house. As the head of my family, I have a responsibility to take care of my wife and children.”

“So I think if I can send a message to the community, this is something very special for us to win the house. I want to thank PropertyGuru for giving us a chance.”

PropertyGuru is having a Home Giveaway campaign, in which Basri is a finalist to win a brand-new home at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya, worth over RM600,000; and he needs your votes. 

Everyone deserves a place to call home. Today we can make that dream some true for someone. Cast your votes and help Basri win his dream home here

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