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Women’s Strength Comes From Shared Experiences, So Avon Launched The World’s Biggest Digital Gallery Of Stories

Women’s Strength Comes From Shared Experiences, So Avon Launched The World’s Biggest Digital Gallery Of Stories

Every story is someone else’s inspiration.

Kirat Kaur

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Research shows that a key part of women’s resilience and strength is from hearing every day, relatable stories from other women and sharing experiences with others. This is especially crucial with the pandemic being especially hard on women, who’ve had to shoulder the burden of finances, job security and home schooling – not to mention the fight for gender equality has been set back decades.

To give women a safe space to share and support each other, beauty company Avon is launching My Story Matters – a movement to celebrate the achievements and stories of women around the world.

Credit: Avon

The world’s biggest digital gallery of stories connects women around the world, celebrating their achievements and inspiring others to fulfil their potential. It also aims to bring people together in these difficult times and offers a safe place for both women and men to share their different stories and experiences, and connect with others around the world.

Avon feels particularly driven to set up this platform after their global survey revealed that 92% of women are feeling increased pressure during the pandemic due to being unable to see loved ones in person, financial stresses, job security and home schooling. Alongside these pressures, half of women admit they have felt less connected, resulting in feelings of anxiety, isolation, lack of motivation and self-doubt.

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In a world where we are still a century away from gender equality and only a quarter (24%) of people heard, read about or seen in newspapers, television and radio news are women, our mission is to help women overcome the barriers and challenges they face, becoming the most they can be and that is why we are creating the world’s biggest ever digital gallery of stories celebrating women.

Tan Mei Yen, General Manager of Avon Cosmetics Malaysia.

To celebrate every story shared on the platform, the Avon Foundation will donate $1 to charities that support women to help create a better world for women.

Everyone has a story to tell

Thousands of contributors from all over the world have already begun sharing their personal tales to My Story Matters, some extraordinary triumphs and some everyday wins.These testimonies range from juggling motherhood and a career, to survivors of adversity including breast cancer and domestic violence.

To date, more than 300,000 stories have been donated to the gallery, including some very powerful Malaysian voices.

Entrepreneurs Aninna Dundang and Aninni Dundang from Sarawak shared how the pandemic pushed them to take bigger risks than they never thought possible.

While we were eager to become entrepreneurs, we also felt apprehensive about starting our own business at the beginning. The fear of rejection and the potential risks lingered until the pandemic hit and opened our eyes to the limitless opportunities available through our network, relationships and social media channels. Today, our small business is growing all thanks to the leap of faith we took to explore unfamiliar territory and push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

Aninna Dundang & Aninni Dundang, Sarawak

Kuala Lumpur lass Evelyn Wong also echoed their sentiment, sharing how she’s managed to evolve as a woman in the business world.

After working on my own for over 10 years, I continuously challenged myself to go through various phases of transformation in order to adapt to the evolving consumer landscape and technological advancements. My personal journey in the business world has really made me stronger and become more resilient and today, I have not only become more confident in myself but I am also giving back what I have learnt by sharing my knowledge and experience with friends who aspire to start out on their own too.

Evelyn Wong, Kuala Lumpur

“My Story Matters” is the latest campaign released as part of Avon’s new ‘Watch Me Now’ global brand proposition. Experience the power of the sisterhood by sharing your own story HERE.

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