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You Can Ride Horses, Try Zorbing, Or Splash Around A Water Park & More IN THIS ONE PLACE

You Can Ride Horses, Try Zorbing, Or Splash Around A Water Park & More IN THIS ONE PLACE

You don’t even have to leave Selangor/KL to have an adventure.

Hamzah Nazari

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While those of us living in the Klang Valley are finally no longer under the Movement Control Order (MCO), the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) is still in effect.

As we still can’t cross state lines — let alone fly off to distant lands for an adventure, hold parties or large indoor gatherings, or even play some sports — novel activities are hard to come by.

So imagine our surprise when we found out that 3Q Equestrian Center will be making horseback rides, on a jungle trail and even pony rides in a corral, available for the public at Gamuda Gardens.

The trail leads up a hill into a surprisingly serene and cooling jungle. (Pic by Valerie Arnesto/TRP)

The horse trail ride lasts about 40 minutes and you won’t be just circling the same pen again and again. Instead you’ll be exploring a landscape consisting of rainforests trails, hills, and valleys.

The price is currently RM160 per person for the first month of operation or if you make your booking 4 weeks in advance. Otherwise, they’re RM200 per person or RM180 for Gamuda Land or 3Q members.

There are also some notes and Do’s and Don’ts you have to follow which you can see on the 3Q Horse Trail page which is also where you can make your bookings.

Pictures can’t really translate what it feels like to be sitting on top of this majestic creature. (Pic by Hamzah Nazari/TRP)

There’s a lot more to do than ride horses, though

The horse rides, alongside Nature School and Gardens Hill are under the Gamuda Gardens X-scape banner of activities to do in the township but there are also PLAYscape, WATERscape and SENscape banners.

PLAYscape has the most activities, including Adventure Playland for kids, sports-centric Gardens Arena, zorbing activities under Bubble Sports, and the pet-friendly Paws Playland, with Crazy Go Cart available by Q3 2021, and a Tennis Court and Basketball available by 2021 year-end.

Missing from this pic? You, and your family and friends. (Pic by Valerie Arnesto/TRP)

For WATERscape, there will be Big Bucket Splash water park and the Donut Boat Ride.

Under SENscape, you can visit the Waterfront Village, Gardens Wellness, Lookout Point, Waterfall and a beautiful event space called Le Gardens Pavillion.

Gamuda Gardens is located at the southern border of Rawang and while some of you might think Rawang is pretty far, for most people reading this, it’s actually not. From KL Sentral, it’s only a 36km drive north and 27km of that consists of the North-South Highway.

That’s about a 30 minute drive one-way in exchange for a whole day of activities.

If you want to know more, you can check out the Gamuda Gardens website here or sign up for 3Q Equestrian’s horse-trail ride here.

(From left) Gamuda Land CEO Ngan Chee Meng and 3Q Equestrian Director Qabil Ambak exchanging gifts on March 12, 2021. (Pic by Valerie Arnesto/TRP)

We suggest you hurry because wouldn’t it be nice to get out of the house and experience something new for the first time in a year?

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