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Moving Back Into My Parents Suburban Home Became My New Normal, Here’s Why I’m Moving Again

Moving Back Into My Parents Suburban Home Became My New Normal, Here’s Why I’m Moving Again

Building a home in the new normal.

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Like other young adults, getting my very own place in the middle of the city felt like the perfect perch to set off and spread my wings. My cosy one-bedroom studio apartment became a little haven of privacy, independence and a new sense of freedom with its own heck of a view.


But as the pandemic rolled through in 2020, my trendy metropolitan hideout suddenly became confined, restrictive and felt more like a prison than a personal fortress of solitude.

Deciding to give up my inner-city lifestyle, I chose to temporarily move back into my parents’ double-storey home in the suburban Selangor neighbourhood where I grew up. “At least until things cool down a bit,” or so I thought.

But after spending over a year under the same roof with my family, again… I came to realise that a lot goes into turning a house into a home in the “new normal” we live in today;

1. Room to breathe

Having gotten myself settled in, I was pleasantly struck by the sense of space that was now available. Our minimalist home became a sort of fun playground for me to poke around with and neatly compartmentalize my life.

Each room and corner of the landed house became little islands for me to colonize and turn into a quiet workstation or a comfy “lepak” area to laze around – depending on my needs and most importantly, mood – making the work from home (WFH) life feeling less like hell and more like a mini vacation.

(Georgia de Lotz/Unsplash)

Sharing space with the family wasn’t an issue as we collectively tinkered about, turning our humble home into a flexible and versatile place with room still to spare.

Landed living also brings with it a sense of privacy and safety. Not having to worry about wearing masks, physically distancing or sanitizing myself in common areas like cramped corridors or poorly ventilated elevators was a welcoming relief with the pandemic still going around.

2. Nature at my door

Though it’s difficult to blur the lines between us and nature, it’s easier to do so without interruptions from rush hour traffic or steel and concrete buildings blocking your view. Here in the suburbs there’s reason to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the soulful greenery all around.


Being able to step outside for a breath of fresh air during the long “stay-at-home” season felt, well… refreshing! Now I yearn to live in a neighborhood surrounded by beautiful parks, fields, and water features as well as having wide open spaces to stay active, healthy and of course to keep one’s head on straight despite what’s happening in the world. 

It was also motivating to see the neighborhood spending quality time outdoors (while still adhering to the SOP) whether it be tending to their gardens, playing badminton out on the street or simply enjoying an evening walk with loved ones – and it caused me to think of where I would want to build a home for my future family some day.


3. Community and convenience

Having lived in close proximity with the family and having the chance to reconnect with old friends and neighbors, I came to appreciate the joy of living in a close knit and diverse community.

When “kita jaga kita” became the theme of the year, it felt a little easier knowing that you are surrounded by people who care about your safety, and having the security of a community to rely on, even for a simple cup of sugar when things get tight.

Plus, it’s always livelier to celebrate holidays and celebrations with the adoring company of people like Makcik Sarah, Uncle Liew and Auntie Anita at your door.

(Gamuda Land)

Living in a sustainable and well-connected neighbourhood also brings the benefit of self-sufficiency. With everything conveniently located nearby, there’s no need to worry about confusing SOPs, geographically incorrect district borders or RM1,000 fines when out making a quick run to the store for groceries or to tapau food to eat at home.

(Firdaus latif/Malay Mail)

Being located within the Klang Valley also meant that essential things like e-hailing and delivery services have no trouble getting to where you are or where you need them to go.

It also becomes less of a hassle to stay clear of high-traffic areas where people frequent – with plenty of other options available at your choosing – like a less crowded store or a different cycling route to physically distance from other cyclists. 


Future dream home?

With the same thoughts of community and convenience in mind, all inclusive neighborhoods such as the ones developed by Gamuda Land provide the perfect location for your dream home and a safe haven for those looking to find their place in the new normal.

Illaria @ Gamuda Gardens.
(Gamuda Land)

Nestled within the serene greenery of the gorgeous Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands in Selangor, modern townships like the Illaria Hillside Homes in Gamuda Gardens and the Enso Woods at Gamuda Cove accommodates convenience, versatility and freedom for residents to connect with nature and one another.

Catch the video below to find your future home or visit for more information on Gamuda Land properties.

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