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This Local Online Sex Toy Store Just Wants Malaysians To Have A Good Time Loving Themselves

This Local Online Sex Toy Store Just Wants Malaysians To Have A Good Time Loving Themselves

We talk to Erosu about the ins and outs of running a Malaysian educational online sex toy store.

Kirat Kaur

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Lith and Adam may look like your typical urban young adults based in Kuala Lumpur, but these two bold entrepreneurs aren’t shy about their passion for sex and pleasure. Together, they launched a sex toy store called Erosu.

Erosu isn’t just a sex toy store though, it’s an educational platform rife with information on all things sex – ranging from information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to candid discussions on embarrassing sexual experiences.

In fact, Erosu calls itself a sex positive pleasure platform where people share and discuss anything and everything about sex & pleasure. In their words, “it’s a platform where we empower and educate people of all ages who’s ready to explore their sexuality and learn about sex in general.”

Intrigued by their aesthetically pleasing products and pearl-clutching revelations, I reached out to Erosu to find out about how they fell into the business of sex toys, to have a chat about the Malaysian pleasure experience and to ask some burning questions the team at TRP are dying to know the answer to.

Good vibes only.
(Credit: Erosu)

What inspired you to start a local educational sex toy store?

We’ve always been passionate about sex education – especially women’s sexuality – and it’s important that we normalise comprehensive sex education that doesn’t just focus on our reproductive organs.

It’s time to normalise equality in pleasure and to empower women as well as non-binary individuals that they too have the right to feel pleasure. By selling pleasure products, it’s a safe space to encourage and open up these conversations.

We also really want to change the conception that the older generation have about sex and what’s more effective than selling sex toys to educate people at the same time?

Tell us about your products.

We’re an online retailer so we don’t design and name the products. But we do research beforehand and curate our shop to best fit our beliefs and aesthetic.

Credit: Erosu

Do you actually test out the sex toys?

Yes we do. But it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is built differently and what works for us personally might not work for others and vice versa. This is why we try to make sure there’s a variety of options for everyone.

Credit: Erosu

What’s the feedback been like? (Sidenote: I love how open your IG followers are in sharing their sexual experiences)

If you’re talking about feedback for our products, we don’t get as many feedback as other businesses might get due to the nature of our business. Most people are still shy to talk about sex and masturbation openly and we completely understand. So far, the feedback that we do get is positive though.

One of the things we do on our Instagram is that we conduct a sharing session bi-weekly so people could come together and share their experiences anonymously and our audiences LOVE reading them. We get a lot of responses and engagement from the session and it boosts our sales.

What tip do you have for someone who’s choosing their first ever sex toy?

Everyone is built differently and enjoys different stimulation, we have to understand our body first and know what gets us off. From there you’ll find out your preference and choose one that best suits you.

Credit: Erosu

Does size really matter?

Terms like “small” and “big” are subjective and often based on personal preferences. If the the size of your partner’s piece of flesh really matter to you, there are others ways you can be intimate without a penis.

After all, sex isn’t just P in V. Our whole body can be a sexual organ, it’s up for us to explore and discover new ways to pleasure.

However, if penetrative sex is the only way you can be fulfilled and your partner’s size just isn’t doing it for you, there are always toys (e.g hollow dildo, strap on etc) to help and enhance. It’s all up to you to communicate and of course, be mindful with your words, body shaming is never a good thing, and remember that masculinity doesn’t tie to penis size.

Canrol, their popular “rabbit style” toy.
(Credit: Erosu)

How do you think sexual partners can accept the idea of having a “third party” or sex toys generally?

Sex toys are friends, not enemies!

In all seriousness, we are often taught that in monogamous relationships, we are to be everything for our partner and that we should be able to satisfy each other in all aspects, including pleasures and desires. But it’s not true in most cases and it’s completely normal, we are individual beings at the end of the day.

Understand that you can’t always be there to satisfy them and not to feel incompetent if they sometimes prefer a toy to get them off. Sex is about sharing pleasure and connecting with each other, not a competition.

Credit: Erosu

The biggest sex misconception that Malaysians need to unlearn?

Oh, where do we start??

First thing that comes to mind is that “vulva havers are harder to please” and that they “take longer to achieve orgasm”.

The truth is female pleasure is often neglected compared to male pleasure and there isn’t enough research done on the former. Thus, the misconceptions and false portrayals of female orgasm in mass media.

Pleasures of running a sex toy store?

We notice that people around us started opening up to us about things they don’t usually talk about, and how it’s a norm now for people to have discussions about sex, and how they’re able to use Erosu to open up conversations with their peers. It really motivates us knowing that we’re making changes, no matter how tiny they are.

The sucky part about running a sex toy store is..

The lack of advertisement! Because we are not allowed to do so on all major social media platforms.

Everything is just word of mouth right now and even so, the amount of rules and regulations on social media that silence sex educators and workers alike can be discouraging at times.

Alston, coming in with the right vibes.
(Credit: Erosu)

What surprised you most, though?

The amount of people confessing their barfing, farting and all sorts of bodily waste that comes out from them during sex! (I mean we’re aware of how often it can happen but surprised at the amount of people telling us their stories 😂)

Also, that many fully grown adults are still lost when it comes to sex and pleasure!

Wow, that’s kinda sad…

Yeah.. Well, growing up it’s safe to say that most of us didn’t receive comprehensive sex education!

We’ve never been told by anyone that sex goes beyond reproduction and also of course the good ol’ concept that “sex is bad”.

We’ve never been taught about consensual sex, pleasure that comes with sex, masturbation, STIs and how you can spread them without having intercourse, safe sex, contraceptive etc.

Children are eventually going to learn about these things even though you don’t teach them, is it really better for them to learn from unknown and sketchy resources just because parents and teachers think it’s “too awkward” to have that talk with kids?

It is only awkward because the adults make it awkward.

What if someone is afraid to masturbate?

It’s okay to be afraid, we’ve been shamed into thinking that masturbation is dirty and sinful since young and it takes time for one to unlearn the negative thoughts that we associate with masturbation.

Start by learning the basic anatomy of your genitals, grab a mirror and take a good look at them, learn about their functions. Do it at your own pace! Don’t feel pressured to rush into things, remember that it’s your body and you’re only ready when you feel like you’re ready.

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