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Even With A Pandemic, Lockdown & Restrictions, They Still Managed To Create Malaysia’s Cutest CNY Ad Ever

Even With A Pandemic, Lockdown & Restrictions, They Still Managed To Create Malaysia’s Cutest CNY Ad Ever

Gamuda Land’s Rejoice in Harmony《家睦则达》(e-Moo-ji) CNY 2021 short film reminds us of the power of sincerity and creativity.

Kirat Kaur

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How does one find joy in a year littered with economic hardships, physical distancing, lockdowns and the looming threat of a pandemic?

It seems like an impossible task but somehow, Gamuda Land has managed to take all of that darkness and turn it into light with what we can honestly describe as the most adorable Chinese New Year advertisement we’ve ever seen!

Credit: Gamuda Land

The CNY short film, called Rejoice in Harmony《家睦则达》(e-Moo-ji) perfectly captures the frustrations of pandemic life, but shows us how a little bit of humour, creativity and heart can bring joy to the misery.

In fact, the entire ad features emojis to cleverly represent the range of emotions as virtual communications has the glue that holds our social life together in the past 10 months.

This year we took a different approach with our Chinese New Year video, like everything else we had to adapt and change 🎬. For the health and safety of everyone involved, we had to be innovative. 😷 Our video was creatively produced remotely using EMOJI as a symbolic representation of emotions in our new normal virtual conversations today 😊😍😂😆😎😘.

Gamuda Land.
Credit: Gamuda Land

Believing in the perennial value of sincerity, they decided to dig deep and let it shine through the heartwarming ad.

Through sincerity, we open our hearts and minds to each other, with sincerity we will find harmony and with harmony, naturally comes happiness.

Gamuda Land.

With this in mind, the Gamuda Land’s CNY 2021 short film beckons watchers to Rejoice in Harmony with a tale of a family running a kopitiam who are feeling the frustrations of the economic slowdown.

Credit: Gamuda Land
Credit: Gamuda Land

It begins with each member of the family in denial over the hardships and never expressing how they truly feel inside, though their state of mind is shown via the emojis. As they start bickering over the role of each member in keeping kopitiam alive, it becomes increasingly clear that each member is invaluable in keeping the business successful. And no matter how hard it gets, they can get through it with open hearts!

While the topic is heavy, the humorous narration,use of adorable emojis, beautifully illustrated backgrounds and a lovely message of family support make it such a joy to watch.

Credit: Gamuda Land

After all, at the end of hardship there is happiness right? And as Gamuda Land says,”Happiness is the essence of prosperity.”

Gong Xi Fa Cai & Happy Chinese New Year! 🧧

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