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Why Buy More Than 1? M’sia 1st 3-in-1 Online Combo Insurance Package From AXA

Why Buy More Than 1? M’sia 1st 3-in-1 Online Combo Insurance Package From AXA

Two is better than one? Three is even better.


We often hear the English phrase “third time’s a charm”, which describes that the third effort spent on something usually results in a positive outcome. 

Similarly in many different disciplines – from military strategies to even photography – practitioners are often taught to achieve perfection or success through the Rule Of Thirds or the Rule Of Threes. This rule usually refers to a set of guiding principles for each subject: be it composition of a photo, or the proper way to descend an aircraft. 

Why three?

Probably because of the famous phrase mentioned earlier, the number three is associated with good luck and all things positive. 

The concept of three is also a recurring pattern in things like fashion, take the three-piece suit for example. You will also notice that the more sophisticated fashionistas follow the fashion rule of three, which is statement piece + in-between piece + plain piece.

Another rule of three that you probably see on a regular basis but didn’t notice? Your meal combos: one main + one side + one drink. 

If the perfect combo comes in threes, then why not insurance?

We’re used to purchasing individual insurance plans – ie. medical plan separate from life plan – and rarely do you see different plans being bundled together. 

(Credit: AXA)

This was probably what inspired AXA to introduce a 3-in-1 combo that combines three of the most important and sought-after insurance plans into one package: namely medical, life, and critical illness. 

The combo, called the AXA eCombo, is also the first ever online insurance product of its kind in Malaysia. This probably comes as no surprise, since the company was also responsible for creating the first online medical insurance in the country.

The eCombo starts from RM71 per month, and is only available via online purchase. This is perfect for those who are looking for a comprehensive insurance plan that is affordable, instead of having to purchase and pay for different plans separately. 

How does the 3-in-1 coverage work?

You have the option to customise your insurance combo, meaning it’s not necessary for you to choose all three plans – you can opt for just two (eg. medical + life insurance) if you feel that those are the only ones you need. You can also adjust the coverage amount for each of them, depending on your lifestyle and needs.

Depending on the coverage you chose, the eCombo’s medical plan comes with a limit of up to RM100,000 per year and cashless admission to over 150 of the insurance provider’s panel hospitals (including Prince Court Medical Centre, Gleneagles, and more). There is also no lifetime limit for the coverage, and no medical check-up required.

The critical illness plan (eCritical Early Care) covers 50 different medical conditions from early to advanced stages, ranging from cancer, heart attack, to stroke, and more. Upon early detection, you can receive a payout of 50% of the sum insured; and 100% payout should your illness be at an advanced stage. This way, you don’t need to worry much about finances when you’re seeking treatment.

(Credit: Pixabay)

Finally, the eLife Protector+ plan in the eCombo protects you and your family in the event of any unfortunate incidents. This life insurance plan allows you to be insured up to RM250,000, covering both death and total permanent disability. Should this happen, it offers 100% payout of the insured amount; or in the case of an accidental death, 200% payout.

Signing up for the eCombo is easy and rewarding

To purchase the AXA eCombo, you just need to click on the “Let’s Get Started” button on the website, fill in the relevant health as well as personal details, and a personalised quotation will be generated for you instantly.

As the purchasing process is done completely online, you’ll be able to get insurance coverage as fast as 10 minutes.

Another great thing is that those who sign up for the eCombo by 31 December 2020 will receive up to RM50 in GrabFood vouchers as gifts from AXA. So don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

Note that the eCombo is only available for Malaysians who are at least 15 days old, to a maximum age of 49. Note that the life insurance plan is only eligible for those who are aged 16 and above. 

Once purchased, the eCombo will cover you till you’re 80. The plans are auto-renewable, giving customers peace of mind and assurance that they are always protected. You can find out more about the AXA eCombo here.

This story is sponsored by AXA. 

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