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M’sia’s First-Ever Pet IC Will Help Keep Your Furbaby Safe If It Ever Goes Missing

M’sia’s First-Ever Pet IC Will Help Keep Your Furbaby Safe If It Ever Goes Missing

Clip it to your pet’s collar and he’ll have identification on him wherever he goes!

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Fur parents know the pain and anxiety that happens when you suddenly realise your furbaby is missing, the hours spent walking around the neighbourhood calling your pet, fearing that the worst may have happened to them.

Many pets without proper identification have failed to reunite with their owner. Motivated by this, Pet ID Tag is created to ensure your lost FurBaby comes home safely.

Paw Life Matters

So, this news might offer some relief to worried “pawrents”. You can now get your pet easily fitted with Malaysia’s first ever Pet ID Tag for just RM35.

(Credit: Paws Life Matters/Facebook)

Created to safeguard your pet by animal professionals, Paw Life Matters, this pet ID tag looks exactly like our very own Mykad IC, except it’s called MyPet instead.

What is a MyPet ID?

While some pet owners can afford to fork out the big bucks to get their pets microchipped or custom made pet collars, some pet owners just don’t have the means to these fancy luxuries.

This leaves their pets at risk if and when your naughty furbaby makes a run out the door and ends up missing.

With MyPet, pet parents get more than a fun and cute card that matches your IC. 

An example of information that can be printed on a MyPet ID. (Credit: Paw Life Matters)

The card is also filled with important information like your pet’s name, it’s breed, an emergency contact number, the pet’s vet information, allergies, microchip number and many more…all things that will increase the chances of you finding your pet safely again.

To clarify, the MyPet ID isn’t a pet licence or a microchip and having it does not guarantee that your pet will be found if it gets lost despite the extensive information it contains.

Furparents are still advised to get your pet a microchip and have it registered with your local council.

What you get when purchasing a MyPet ID

The MyPet ID card comes as a pair, one tag for your furkid, and one card for proud pawrents.

The Pet version of MyPet ID is small enough to be hooked onto your pet’s collar. (Credit: Paw Life Matters)

The pet’s tag is a tiny 3×5 cm card that comes with an easy to hook on keyring to be clipped onto your furkid’s collar. That way, everywhere your pet goes, he will always have his identification attached to him.

Meanwhile. The MyPet ID card for the parent is a matching credit card sized proof of ownership that you can carry in your wallet and use in case your pet ever goes missing.

The owner’s card is the same size as a regular credit card which will fit snugly in your wallet. (Credit: Paw Life Matters)

You can also use the card at the vet as it contains all your pet’s details, and during emergencies when you need someone else to locate and look after your pet.

How to get your paws on a MyPet ID

Pawrents interested in getting a MyPet ID for their own furbabies can get their hands on one via Paw Life Matter’s website, or Shopee.

In their mission to help the voiceless, Paw Life Matter’s will donate a percentage of their sales to selected animal shelters to be used for food, shelter, vaccination, neutering of strays and to hopefully help them find a forever home.

BTW, did you know you can also get your pet a passport?

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