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Stunning Studio Ghibli Batik Now Exists Thanks To Malaysian Artist’s Love For Both

Stunning Studio Ghibli Batik Now Exists Thanks To Malaysian Artist’s Love For Both

We could wax poetic about this Studio Ghibli batik art all day!

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The #Inktober trend is a series of prompts for every day of the month of October. While the prompts were originally for writers, it has since been picked up by all kinds of artists, from digital art to makeup art.

Many artists have layered on an additional challenge, such as art for a specific fandom, which is how local artist Farah Mohan decided to showcase her love for Japanese animation Studio Ghibli.

Farah Mohan is a batik artist, specializing in modern contemporary batik. Wanting to stretch her artistry for Inktober, she took the opportunity to draw batik art of her favourite scenes and characters from the animation studio.

Studio Ghibli is most well known for cult classics such as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and My Neighbour Totoro.

My most favourite has to be Spirited Away. I love the characters and its story the most! 

Farah Mohan to TRP

How it began

Farah noted that she didn’t come up with the original idea of #ghiblitober. Instead, it was originally hosted by two artists from the Philippines on Twitter.

I’m also a Ghibli fan so this is something that I was excited to try and not miss out.

Farah Mohan to TRP

Her fondness for batik and all things traditional first began as a hobby. Although she has a background in architecture, her true passion lies with creative work.

She picked up batik skills on her own and was slowly able to create her own designs with better production.

As she gained more confidence in her work, Farah merged her love of painting with batik making to create batik paintings.

I was honestly surprised that my batik artwork has gotten quite good feedback. Because of this, I’m now focusing more on producing batik art and running monthly batik workshops when possible.

Farah Mohan to TRP

Creating Batik Art

For her #ghiblitober art pieces, each one takes her roughly a full day for an A4-sized artwork. She begins with sketching, then drafting, and finally canting. Then comes the painting.

However, she spends way more time and effort on commission pieces.

One piece can take about 1 month just to make sure the artwork comes out well.

Farah Mohan to TRP

Farah proves that traditional mediums will always have a place in modern times, bringing with it a rarely-seen beauty and skill to contemporary pieces- even if it’s homage to an animation studio! Check out her other works on her Instagram here.

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