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“Robocop” Shows Up At KTM As Auxiliary Police Wear Temperature Scanner Helmets

“Robocop” Shows Up At KTM As Auxiliary Police Wear Temperature Scanner Helmets

It’s to detect passengers with Covid-19 symptoms, like high temperatures.

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Robocop has arrived in Malaysia, sort of.

While the KTM Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) auxiliary police aren’t part robot, they sure do look like it now as they’ve been equipped with temperature scanner helmets in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Announcing the flashy new gadget on social media, KTMB explains that the helmet will allow patrolling officers to detect passengers with high temperatures – one of the symptoms of a Covid-19 infection.

With the use of this helmet, members of the auxiliary police who patrol will be able to detect passengers with symptoms through this advanced technology tool. We hope that the methods implemented will increase the confidence of passengers to use KTMB services.

KTM Berhad via Facebook.

KTM reassures that regular SOPs are still in place, such as temperature checks at stations, providing hand sanitizers as well as regularly sanitising the trains.

These “robocops” won’t be taking down evil villains and shooting guns though, as KTM Berhad explains that the temperature scanner helmets are still under trial phase to evaluate its effectiveness.

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