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Protect Your Baby From Mosquito Bites And Dengue With MamyPoko’s Newest Diaper

Protect Your Baby From Mosquito Bites And Dengue With MamyPoko’s Newest Diaper

It contains natural ingredients that with keep those pesky mosquitoes away.

Tasneem Nazari

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While we’re most likely preoccupied with keeping our family, especially our kids, safe from the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s another seasonal threat faced by parents with newborn babies – dengue.

Dengue is one of the most important insect-borne viral diseases in Malaysia and is regarded as an important public health problem due to the fact that the illness can result in death.

With that in mind, MamyPoko has developed the world’s first mosquito-repelling diaper to help protect your baby from those pesky and potentially dangerous insects!

Dengue has always been a concern for parents and the thought of our children contracting it is worse. The introduction of the MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diaper is part of our initiative to help parents protect their children from the dengue virus.

Unicharm Malaysia’s marketing director Makoto Anezaki via MamyPoko

MamyPoko’s latest creation, the Extra DryProtect diaper, takes advantage of lemongrass and its natural mozzie repellent properties.

Using Japanese patented technology, lemongrass extracts are captured in microcapsules which are then embedded into the surface of the diaper’s tapes.

To activate these microcapsules, mommy or daddy just has to rub or scratch the diaper tape after putting the diaper on baby. A pleasant lemongrass scent will be released, helping to repel mosquitoes from your baby for up to six hours.

The extract has been proven to be safe for babies. The diaper as a whole is also alcohol-free and DEET-free, with diaper straps designed to not require skin contact. This ensures that the lemongrass microcapsules never touch your baby’s skin.

According to Associate Prof. Dr Gan Chin Seng, Head of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the University of Malaya Medical Center, who spoke during the product launch, there were about 30,000 paediatric cases of dengue in Malaysia in 2019.

There were approximately 30,000 paediatric cases of dengue last year. As we have yet to discover a cure or effective vaccine for dengue, we can only do our best in protecting our children and babies through acts of prevention.

Associate Prof. Dr Gan Chin Seng via MamyPoko
(Left to Right) Dr Nurhafiza Binti Zainal, Associate Prof Dr Gan Chin Seng, Nurul Azni, Makoto Anezaki speaking during the expert panel session at the diaper launch.

Besides developing a product to protect babies from dengue, MamyPoko Malaysia has gone the extra mile in partnering with AEON Retail. 

They will donate RM1.00 to the Malaysian AEON Foundation for every pack of MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect sold from any AEON outlet throughout the month of October.

Their goal is to sell 10,000 packs, thus donating a total of RM10,000.

MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect is currently available for purchase at major retail outlets and online, with sizes ranging from M to XL. Some outlets are offering introductory promotions and selling a pack of the diapers at just RM39.99 each.

On top of that, MamyPoko has also recently launched its dengue awareness campaign, urging parents to take one simple step at home in an effort to fight dengue and protect their kids. Visit their website to sign up and take part.

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