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This Super Mario Toy Plays Just Like The Game But In Real Life
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This Super Mario Toy Plays Just Like The Game But In Real Life

Yes, now Mario can run, jump, and collect coins- IN REAL LIFE!

Anne Dorall

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Super Mario is one of those nostalgic games that never gets boring. Until today, Mario still stands as a beloved pop-culture icon.

Now, LEGO has brought Mario to life with their LEGO Super Mario range that promises a never-before-seen play experience.

Like the game character, LEGO’s Adventures with Mario toy can complete courses that you build in real life. Additionally, the Mario toy is also animated- he can blink, collect coins, play music and sound, jump, and even takes “damage” thanks to a seamless LCD screen on the toy that allows for such interactive play on a traditional brick experience.

The Adventures With Mario Starter Course comes with the green Start Pipe, Goal Pole, Bowser Jr, Goomba, and the “?” Block, all of which is interactive with Mario.

Sure, Mario can take a nap too!
(Credit: LEGO)

Build your course freely with the pieces provided, complete the challenge, and rebuild a brand new course! Each game is unique and special as it will be built by the player!

Of course, the Super Mario universe is bigger than just that, which is why there are plenty of Expansion Sets available for you to build a bigger playground, including the Guarded Fortress Expansion Set, Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set, and many others.

In addition, you can also buy collectible enemy characters that each has their own interactive actions.

Spice up your gameplay with enemy characters!
(Credit: TRP)

But moving pictures speak a thousand words, check out the gameplay for yourself in this video, courtesy of LEGO Group 2020.

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