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Here’s Where You Can Buy Red Lady’s Fingers At An Urban Farm In KL

Here’s Where You Can Buy Red Lady’s Fingers At An Urban Farm In KL

This urban farm lets you bring fresh produce home just hours (or minutes!) after it’s harvested.

Anne Dorall

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If you’re like me, a city girl who only recently ventured to buy groceries that’s not in the sterile environment of a supermarket, then you probably have never actually seen truly fresh produce.

Urban Hijau is an urban farm running on permaculture designs, nestled in the heart of Taman Tun Dr Ismail. On Sunday mornings, they host a small farmer’s market that’s open to the public, displaying their wide varieties of extremely fresh vegetables and fruits, depending on what is ready to be harvested that week.

The Sunday market includes fresh produce and even homemade soybean tempeh at an extremely reasonable price.
(Credit: TRP)

There’s usually regular vegetables like spinach and bok choy, but you can also pick up tomatoes, pandan leaves, and okra (lady’s fingers) too. All the produce are grown organically and naturally, without the use of pesticides and commercial fertilizers.

Fresh roselles are wonderful in salads, stir-frys, and steeped as tea.
(Credit: TRP)

The produce tastes extremely different when it’s harvested fresh from the ground. In fact, did you know the root of white radishes actually taste spicy, similar to mustard and wasabi? Because I didn’t, but now I (and my tongue) know better.

The produce at Urban Hijau are fat, fresh, and free of chemicals.
(Credit: TRP)

But the most special thing is their red lady’s fingers! Not only do their vibrant colour stand out, but according to the farmers, they taste a little sweeter than their green counterparts. They’re perfect for roasting or stir-frys.

Red lady’s fingers in comparison to the regular green lady’s fingers. Did you know they grew pointing upwards? Me neither.
(Credit: TRP)

Why farm-to-table produce matters

The farm displays the best example of the farm-to-table movement, where you can see where the produce is grown, and bring it home with you directly, skipping all the additional steps in the middle.

Farm-to-table is an important way to bring down an individual’s carbon footprint, because traditional farming and grocery shopping involves a lot of shipping and handling, which involves hidden environmental costs. Transportation of groceries go from farm, to warehouse, to individual grocery stores, to your car, and only then to your home.

Find yourself transported to a lush hidden gem. Even the air smells cleaner here.
(Credit: TRP)

The Sunday Market is open from 9:00am to 12:30pm. Be sure to bring your reusable bags while you shop, and spend some time to check out the vegetable garden too!

For more information, visit the Urban Hijau website at

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