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MOH Posts Online Poll: Do You Agree If The Govt Makes Facemasks In Public Mandatory?

MOH Posts Online Poll: Do You Agree If The Govt Makes Facemasks In Public Mandatory?

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After nearly three months under a strict movement control order (MCO), Malaysia began easing restrictions with a recovery phase of the MCO (RMCO) on 10 June.

However, after a little over a month of RMCO, the daily number of new Covid-19 cases have started to creep back up into double digits. This lead to Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin holding a televised address reminding the public to adhere to the set standard operating procedures (SOP).

He also mentioned that the government is now finally considering making facemasks mandatory to be used in public.

Today, the Health Ministry posted a poll through their Twitter account on the matter, probably to gauge how the country feels about the decision.

What is your opinion if the government makes wearing facemasks in public places mandatory?

Ministry of Health via Twitter (Translated from BM)

At the time of writing, over 58 thousand users participated in the poll, with 95.1% agreeing that the government should make wearing facemasks in public areas mandatory.

While some users were in full agreement with the idea, others brought the issue of cost, considering disposable facemasks need to be changed regularly.

For me, I believe the Health Ministry doesn’t need a poll for this. Just make it mandatory immediately.

@mohdhanafyselim via Twitter (Translation from BM)

I agree, but facemasks are too expensive for low income earners. In fact, the cost of disposable ones are even more ridiculous. The uncle who lives next door to me recycles his old one because a new one is too expensive. This makes wearing a mask pointless if he has Covid-19.

@dtaa_sy via Twitter (Translation from BM)

One Twitter user warned the government to expect a sudden increase in prices of facemasks if its usage becomes mandatory and to have a plan to ensure the prices of facemasks remain controlled.

Firstly, to control the retail price of Facemasks.
Now, the price has gone back down because there is a surplus of supply. But when the government makes wearing it mandatory, a demand will result. When there isn’t enough supply, retailers will increase their prices.
Some retailers might hold on to their stock because demand quantity will shift to the right. This happens when retailers see the profit that they are able to make.

@adamzul27 via Twitter (Translated from BM)

Another asked the government to specify if only surgical grade facemasks can be used or if cloth masks were also acceptable.

I want to agree, but the government must allow all types of facemasks to be used. If only the surgical type is allowed, the public will face difficulty because demand will be more than supply and the price will definitely go up.

@Syahamin_ via Twitter (Translated from BM)

Do you think the government should make this mandatory? 

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