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MOH: Stop Pulling Face Mask To Your Chin. Do This Instead

MOH: Stop Pulling Face Mask To Your Chin. Do This Instead

Yeah, turns out face mask on chin is pretty dangerous.

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As new Covid-19 clusters begin emerging in Malaysia, the Health Ministry has urged Malaysians to wear a face mask – properly.

That means no pulling the face mask to your chin because it turns out doing that is actually quite dangerous.

This is because the skin under the mask is exposed to outside contaminants (including bacteria and viruses) and pulling a face mask down will contaminate the inner layer of the mask. 

Then pulling the face mask back into place means directly placing a contaminated covering onto your nose and mouth – which are key entry points for a lot of bacteria and viruses.

What the Health Ministry recommends one do instead is – take it off completely.

There are only two options when it comes to wearing a face mask – wear it properly or take it off completely.

Weaning a face mask properly means ensuring that there is no gaping at the sides and the nose and mouth is covered.

If you’re using a surgical mask, check out our previous article on how to know if your mask in fake (HERE).

Stay safe!

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