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How An Online Personal Styling Service Reminded Me To Always Give Things A Shot

How An Online Personal Styling Service Reminded Me To Always Give Things A Shot


1 July 2020, Wednesday

“Your stylist is done and your personalised Style Box should reach you tomorrow.”

Seeing this simple line on the e-newsletter from Ellegra was enough to get me excited. 

Earlier last week, I had signed up for a Style Box from Ellegra, which calls itself an “online personal styling service”. It is a concept that I’m familiar with – I’ve seen personal styling services being offered on digital platforms for years – but have never tried. It just slipped my mind and I never got back to it.

And now out of curiosity (and boredom from the significant decrease in social activities), I finally got myself to take the (very comprehensive) Style Quiz* by Ellegra and placed an order for a Style Box.

Screenshot from Ellegra’s website.

The excitement I’m feeling right now is quite irrational, I admit. I mean, I’m just receiving clothes… But perhaps it’s the ‘element of the unknown’ that makes the whole experience so exciting.

Till tomorrow then.

2 July 2020, Thursday

(Credit: Esther Chung/TRP)

The Style Box is HUGE, and really nicely packaged as well.

My stylist, Marie-Alice, included a “Style Guide” along with the box, which listed the five items she picked for me and some suggestions on how to pair them. What I got in my box:

(Credit: Esther Chung/TRP)

  • Red ruffle-sleeved top;
  • Black cargo pants;
  • Cross-strap cami top with what I’d describe as “marble” patterns;
  • Relaxed-fit medium-wash jeans; and
  • Black kimono-sleeved bodysuit. 

This was where I started to feel nervous. Aside from the ruffle-sleeved top and cami top, the other items are not clothes that I would ever try. Then again, it would be a waste to not try these pieces, since they’re in my box. So try I did.

(Credit: Esther Chung/TRP)

Left: Ruffle-sleeved top + cargo pants
Middle: Cami top + relaxed-fit jeans
Right: Kimono top + relaxed-fit jeans

I wouldn’t describe the results as love at first sight, not exactly. Don’t get me wrong, I find them really beautiful, and they are definitely styles that are “in trend” right now (based on my exposure to what celebs and influencers are wearing these days). 

What I experienced and realised from the process of trying on these clothing was that, perhaps, I’ve been too hard on myself all these time. 

Like how the saying goes, we are our harshest critics. And I’m guilty of this as well – this being linked to the reason why I never even thought of trying the pretty clothes I see in the stores or online.

Because I think chic and fashionable clothing are for beautiful people like the celebrities we see on social media, and not for a plain person like me. I don’t have the facial features nor the physique that would do these clothing justice. 

However, what I saw in the mirror was just a girl who was having fun trying on new things, regardless of how they make her look. And what she saw wasn’t half bad. 

Perhaps, I should try to be kinder and more forgiving of myself.

3 July 2020, Friday 

The black cargo pants picked for my by Marie-Alice.
(Credit: Zalora)

I showed mum the cargo pants and she absolutely LOVES the cargo pants. She said it looks really chic and that I could pair it with both sneakers and heels. That’s the great thing about my mum, she never fails to remind me to be confident about my personal style.

As for the jeans, she said she was surprised that I was willing to try on a non-skinny fit pair. Mum thinks that it looks good too, and that they are more comfortable to wear. She said something along the lines of “see, loose-cut jeans can look nice too”. 

It’s also typical of me to quickly dismiss something like loose or straight-cut as unattractive because I like ‘staying safe’. That’s why my wardrobe is made up of mostly fashion staples (eg. plain tops, bodycon dresses, skinny jeans) and styles from two years ago – because they seem tried-and-tested, which will never go wrong. 

Then again, if you want to look chic and edgy, you’ve got to be willing to experiment a little. Funny how one simple thing my mum said could make me rethink my fashion risk appetite, and that I should be more open to trying new things.

In simpler terms, be more willing to give new and different things a shot. And I guess, trying on clothes of different styles can be a start.

(Credit: Esther Chung/TRP)

By the way, I didn’t show mum the kimono-sleeved bodysuit. It’s really pretty and I think it looks grand on me, what with the golden tassels on the back. But it’s not something I see myself wearing more than once, since I don’t have many occasions at work or in private that will require me to dress business-casual. As such, the budget-conscious side of me tells me to return it.

Bye, golden tassels.

4 July 2020, Sunday

I got an email from CollectCo saying that my parcel has been safely returned. 

The process was simpler than I thought: all I did was paste the prepaid mail label that came with the Style Guide and dropped it at the CollectCo point just down the road. Within 24 hours, the parcel has arrived at the Ellegra office. 

I kept the jeans, the cargo pants, and the cami top. In total, I spent about RM248 for three pieces of clothing, including the styling fee and delivery. I’d say that’s a good deal.

Will I order another Style Box? Definitely. I truly enjoy the service, and the fact that it’s not subscription-based, so I don’t need to commit to anything.

It isn’t so much about the novelty of having clothes handpicked for me; nor the convenience of having someone shop and deliver things to me. 

For me, I enjoyed using Ellegra because of the two little things this experience taught me: that sometimes I could be a little too hard on myself, and that I should always give things a shot, no matter what. 

This is not a paid review. The service and Style Box were paid in full by yours truly. Should you be interested in Ellegra’s personal styling services, you can sign up for it here.

*Note: It was a very comprehensive Style Quiz, asking you everything from measurements to materials you like, styles you fancy, and even the industry you work in. 

But what I appreciated the most was that it asked for the fashion staples (jacket, black dress, plain top) you already have, what you don’t wish to receive in the Style Box, and most importantly – your budget.

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