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New E-Commerce App Joins The Malaysian Online Shopping Market

New E-Commerce App Joins The Malaysian Online Shopping Market

Anne Dorall

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Vettons is a new e-commerce platform aiming to make a big splash in the Malaysian market. The app promises to make your shopping experience smarter with the use of a virtual assistant called Zoni and a fresh, minimalist user interface.

The app promises smarter deals, smarter delivery, and a smarter shopping experience.

For users, you start off with a personalised list of interests that sends the most relevant products to your homescreen.

Vettons vets their online merchants to ensure only authentic and genuine products can be listed and sold on the app, so you can rest assured that what you’re buying is legitimate.

Some products are supported with augmented reality technology, which allows you to virtually “place” it in your living space to see if it matches.

If you’ve ever wondered if the speaker you want to buy would match your decor, Vettons solves that question for you.
(Credit: Vettons)

In addition to that, you can curate products into interest boards (very much like Pinterest) as a wishlist that can be made public so others with similar interests can browse for the items as well.

The best way to Build Your Own Aesthetic is really by just looking at other people’s style boards.
(Credit: Vettons)

Head of Product Acacia Lee notes that future plans include shareability of these wishlist boards, which would mean you will always receive the perfect gift for any kind of event.

Purchasing is also extremely easy as you are given the option of a few different merchants who can fulfill your order according to your needs, such as expedited shipping or cheaper listing price.

The perfect gifts are the ones other people pay for.
(Credit: Vettons)

For business owners, Vettons is positioning themselves as the gateway to help local businesses transition online.

As long as your products are genuine and authentic, signing up is easy. The user interface is built to be as organized and simple as possible, so business owners can juggle multiple storefronts, store branches, and inventories.

According to Head of Marketplace Derek Ng, the Vettons logistics team will also handle shipping of products. Once a sale has been made, the team will pick up the merchandise directly from your store and delivers it straight to the customer, completely removing the additional responsibility of merchandise shipping from business owners.

It’s like a store management app, but through Vettons.
(Credit: Vettons)

The Vettons e-commerce app is proudly built and run by Malaysians, so you can say that it’s a uniquely Malaysian product meant for Malaysians. The app is now live on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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