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You Are What You Buy: How The Things We Buy Reveal Our Personality Traits

You Are What You Buy: How The Things We Buy Reveal Our Personality Traits

Malaysians have been doing a lot of online shopping during the Movement Control Order (MCO) – not only because of the convenience, but also because it is the safer thing to do during that time. 

It is safe to say that most of our online shopping revolves around getting necessities like groceries and toiletries. However, there are also times when we indulge ourselves by spending on simple luxuries like the latest gadgets or makeup palettes that we have been eyeing for a while.

Interestingly, the few things we often end up spoiling ourselves with can sometimes reveal little traits of our personality. What we choose to own and keep speak a lot about the kind of person we are, namely: the values we believe in, and what kind of person we aspire to be.

Here are some common ones that we managed to identify:

People who spend on gadgets value productivity and change

Some Malaysians reward themselves with the latest gadgets; or they enjoy buying tech accessories to complement their existing devices and home offices. 

Change is a key element in the tech industry, which goal is to roll out new and better products every season. As such, people who keep themselves updated with the latest devices are usually quite open to change. Their willingness to upgrade existing gadgets to newer ones – which have both hardware and software updates – are subtle ways of them embracing change. 

This is something that I notice in my tech junkie brother, who is able to adapt to different environments really quick – be it studying overseas, or starting at a new workplace. 

Part and parcel of change is also the need to improve. Tech accessories are popular among people who prioritise the need to be productive. Just like how certain accessories can improve the performance of laptops and smartphones, the same accessories can also make the working process easier and better for us. 

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Those who spend on home appliances tend to be very practical people

My mother is one of those who gets (overly) excited about things like cordless mixers and stools that double up as storage spaces. 

She is also often described as a very practical person by family and friends who is able to assess a situation rationally. Even when some were hoarding food during the early days of the MCO, my mother would only buy just enough groceries for the family – nothing more, nothing less. 

The link between this trait and the love for home appliances is that these items are practical and basic things we need to help us go about our daily lives. People who indulge themselves with storage spaces and multi-functional kitchen appliances are usually those who prioritise practicality – living in a safe, equipped space – over most things. 

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And those who like to spend on fashion or beauty items can be quite caring

Though some may think the shopping habit of purchasing beauty items is tied to vanity, there are also those who see it as a form of therapy.

The rise of the self-care movement in the past few years saw more and more people spending on beauty products such as skincare and cosmetics. Self-care is the act of taking care of one’s own mental and physical wellbeing, which can be done in many ways: writing, taking some time off social media, and even dressing up.

And though self-care revolves around caring for oneself, the act also demonstrates an ability to understand when someone needs care. We are often our harshest critics – so if people are aware of the need to care for themselves with a simple home spa, they are usually also very caring and aware of the needs of others. 

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To a great extent, we are what we buy

The things we shop for speak volumes about how we are as a person. There is a reason why we are drawn to certain categories of things, and secretly enjoy the guilty pleasure of purchasing something we have been eyeing for a long time. 

It is good to spoil ourselves with things we want once in a while, but we have to be mindful to spend wisely as well. Shop when there is a sale, like the upcoming Lazada Mid-Year Super Sale, so you can save some money while you indulge yourselves a little.

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