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Here Are Actual Things You Can And Cannot Do During RMCO

Here Are Actual Things You Can And Cannot Do During RMCO

Anne Dorall

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Recently, it was announced that the police were arresting people for breaching the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) during this time.

Their crimes included going for family entertainment activities and karaoke (six people), visiting the pubs and nightclubs (eight people), trying on outfits at a clothing store (one person), going for reflexology or massage activities (10 people), and doing activities that make it difficult to socially distance (43 people).

The RMCO period is a little difficult to understand because on one hand, those activities seem quite innocent, but on the other hand, no one likes getting arrested. So let’s see what kind activities are actually allowed and what kind are not.


All nightlife activities are still not allowed for the time being, including pubs and bars. Nightclubs are also on the list. This is because it would be difficult to practice social distancing due to the crowded nature of these activities.

However, pubs and bars that also have a restaurant business and serve food can resume only the restaurant part of their business.

Family Entertainment

Karaoke, feasts, and open houses are also not allowed yet. Again, the reasoning for this is because large crowds are difficult to control and ensure appropriate social distancing.

Yeah kid, you’re not allowed to be here anymore.
(Credit: Freepik)

Children’s playgrounds, including those in malls, are also not allowed for the time being. However, children can now visit shopping malls and restaurants with their family.


Cinemas, theatres, and live events will be allowed to reopen for business on 1 July but only indoors. There can be no more than 250 individuals and attendance is also subject to the size of the location. Furthermore, standard SOPs still apply such as taking contact information and temperature.

House parties

That being said, you can visit your family or relatives now. However, the number of people allowed also depends on the size of your house. Guests are still expected to follow regular SOPs, which means that 20 people shouldn’t squeeze into a studio apartment due to lack of space for social distancing.

Interstate Travel

You can also now travel freely between states without needing prior permission. However, social distancing SOPs should still be observed at R&R rest stops, and there will be no human interaction at toll booths.

Be sure to top-up your Touch n Go card beforehand or you’ll be stuck at the toll booths.
(Credit: PLUS Malaysia via Malay Mail)

Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Yes, non-Muslim wedding ceremonies have been given the green light! These ceremonies can be carried out at houses of worship and religious associations, but are limited to only 20 people and must comply with standard operating procedures. This means that masks must be worn, temperatures checked, and social distancing maintained.

However, all wedding receptions remain banned, simply because receptions tend to be a crowded affair.


Yes, gyms are now open, but only for people have made advance bookings. You can no longer walk-in to a gym because the maximum capacity has been halved, so available spots will depend on the physical size of your gym.

In addition to that, you can no longer shower at the gym or cool down in a gym lounge with your gym buddies. Essentially, gyms will only be a workout-and-go affair.

Additionally, all kinds of contact sports and classes are prohibited, such as sparring and grappling. No touchy-touchy.

If you go to a public gym, it’s best to bring your own sanitiser.
(Credit: Freepik)

Water-based Sports

Starting 1 July, all swimming activities are now allowed again, but swimmers must maintain a 3 meter distance from each other while in the pool. In addition to that, all swimmers must bathe before and after their swim. They also cannot loiter around the pool area. Parents and pool management can decide if they allow children into the pool.

This is extended to beach-side activities, seas, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. However, water parks are still not allowed to operate.

Reflexology and Massage Centers

There’s a blanket no-go on all reflexology and massage centers, even including foot massages. Basically, anything that required bodily contact isn’t allowed, so it looks like you’ll have to make do with other means of relaxation for now.

Nope, not even if your masseuse wears gloves.
(Credit: Freepik)

However, if you live in the state of Sabah, this doesn’t apply to you. Sabah has allowed the reopening of all beauty centers and massage centers, alongside the aforementioned cinemas.

Retail Therapy

Shops are now open again to scratch your shopping itch. However, clothes shopping will now look quite different, as you will no longer be able to physically try on clothing in-store.

This also includes anything that will touch skin, like shoes, cosmetics, or even accessories like necklaces and earrings.


The RMCO doesn’t mean that we’ve been given the all-clear to do everything we want again. Now, the new normal includes being a lot more careful about how we conduct ourselves in public and observing SOPs.

Keep in mind that any activity that includes a crowd or bodily contact will be prohibited, even if it hasn’t been explicitly listed as not allowed.

Malaysia is almost at the end of this fight with Covid-19, so let’s not give up right before the finish line!

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