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How Digi’s New Prepaid Plan Makes Connectivity And Protection More Accessible For Malaysians Who Need It Most

How Digi’s New Prepaid Plan Makes Connectivity And Protection More Accessible For Malaysians Who Need It Most

As Malaysia and the rest of the world move towards a ‘new normal’, it is clear that there will be a change in priorities and lifestyle habits for many of us. 

In pre-Covid-19 times, climbing the corporate ladder and staying fit may be high on everyone’s list. During the peak of the pandemic, these goals would probably take a back seat, reverting to prioritising the basic needs of food, shelter, and job security. 

At the same time, many realised that the Internet has become a necessity in order to keep businesses running. The infectious nature of the virus and the uncertainty it brings also prompted many insurance companies to extend their coverage to offer financial protection for their customers. 

Connection and protection are what we need to brave the ‘new normal’

The resumption of economic activities is a gradual process, which means that companies are encouraged to give employees the option of remote-working for the time being. This is to minimise the chances of crowding and possible infections that may stem for it, as not all jobs can be done from home.

And for remote-working to be effective, stable and affordable Internet connection is key. This also accelerates the adoption of contactless payment, which is urged by the World Health Organisation to reduce chances of virus transmission. 

On the other hand, health concerns have propelled the need for insurance coverage to the top of many Malaysians’ priority list. With more lay-offs expected after the Raya season, people are worried if they have the means to handle emergencies should anything unfortunate happen. This is especially so since Covid-19 vaccines are still undergoing trials and will not be made available to the public anytime soon. 

But not everyone can afford to have an Internet plan and pay hefty insurance premiums every month

(Credit: Digi)

While most Malaysians are able to find a call and data plan that fits their budget; insurance plans are still regarded as a form of luxury. On top of the many bills that need to be paid, not many can afford to include insurance premium into their monthly household expenditure. 

Understanding this, Digi came up with a new product called Digi Abadi – a prepaid Internet plan that comes with free life insurance coverage. This product is the result of Digi’s collaboration with AXA Affin Life Insurance, which is also the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia. According to Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer Loh Keh Jiat, this plan offers Malaysians an affordable way to care for their loved ones in this day and age. 

We understand the renewed urgency to be insured while being able to manage spend on essentials such as connectivity. And so, we developed this plan to give customers the peace of mind of knowing they are protected without any additional financial commitments.

Chief Marketing Officer of Digi, Loh Keh Jiat

The prepaid plan’s starter kit is priced at RM28, which offers users 3GB of data along with a life insurance for 30 days. The life insurance coverage provides financial coverage for death, accidental death, and funeral expenses – all of which comes up to about RM40,000. 

Users will continue to be covered by the life insurance as long as they continue with the Digi Abadi plan, which is priced at only RM20 in subsequent months. After a year on the plan, users will be rewarded with a “loyalty bonus” of extra data and death benefit. Overall, Digi Abadi users can expect to enjoy 6GB of data and RM55,000 in financial coverage should they continue with this prepaid plan after three years.

Embracing the ‘new normal’ is not going to be easy, but we can do this together

There is nothing ‘normal’ with the ‘new normal’ – it is a term that describes how humankind can carry on as best as we can during the uncertain times caused by a pandemic. It is a drastic change that, understandably, we need time to adjust to.

But no matter what, remember that we are all in this together and we can overcome this crisis, because #kitajagakita.

You can find out more about Digi Abadi on their website.

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