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An Entire US Family Almost Destroyed By Covid-19 After Attending A Family Gathering

An Entire US Family Almost Destroyed By Covid-19 After Attending A Family Gathering

Kirat Kaur

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In order to slow down the transmission of Covid-19, we’ve been told to limit social gatherings and no tale is more cautionary and tragic than a family that lost 4 members to the coronavirus after attending a large family gathering.

The family, based in New Jersey, US suffered through this tragedy after having a large family dinner on 3rd March at the home of 73-year-old Grace Fusco, who had 11 children and 27 grandchildren.

According to The New York Times, within days, she and 6 other adult children fell ill, and Grace died on 18th March without ever knowing that two of her eldest children had died before her.

Her 55-year-old daughter, Rita Fusco-Jackson, died 5 days earlier and her son Carmine Fusco perished hours before his mother.

The next day, another child, Vincent Fusco, died from Covid-19.

Three of her children were hospitalised, with two in critical condition and with 19 family members who attended the dinner under quarantine, the grieving had to be done privately.

Grace Fusco (blue, third from left) with her large family during happier times.
(Credit: Roseann Paradiso Fodera via

A young niece of Rita reportedly took to Facebook to grieve the devastating tragedy that befell her family, stating: 

My mom is one of 11, last Thursday I went to sleep having 10 aunts and uncles! Friday I woke up and found out I only had 9. Just a few minutes ago I found out I only have 8. Please hold your loved ones close and cherish every second and minute you have together.

Fusco family member.

According to the New Jersey health commissioner, Judith M. Persichilli, Rita and her younger siblings had no underlying health problems and were in good health before contracting the respiratory illness.

This family’s tragedy became a cornerstone of Covid-19 cases in the United States that prompted cries for increased testing and social distancing restrictions.

With the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in effect until 9th June 2020, the government announced that home gatherings for the festive season should not exceed 20 people at a time.

However, this family’s tragedy serves as a tale of caution on having large family gatherings during the pandemic, especially when it involves family members who are considered high-risk.

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