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Quarantined Covid-19 Patients In S’pore Pray Tarawih Together On First Night Of Ramadan

Quarantined Covid-19 Patients In S’pore Pray Tarawih Together On First Night Of Ramadan

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The beginning of Ramadhan is usually marked with congregational tarawih prayers at the mosque one night before fasting begins.

While the Singaporean authorities have announced that these prayers are not to be done at the mosques or surau this year to adhere to social distancing, Muslim Covid-19 patients quarantined together at Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre decided to welcome the holy month by performing the prayer together at the facility.

Donning face masks, and sitting 1 metre apart on individual prayer mats, the quarantined congregation who have all tested positive for the virus prayed together with social distancing rules in place.

According to Muhammad Nasiruddin, the Facebook user who shared a video of the event online, there were rules in place for Muslims at the quarantine facility to pray together; they must have no fever, remain at least 1 metre apart from each other at all times, and wear a mask during the prayer.

(Credit: Facebook)

Watching the congregation, made up of ill strangers, coming from different backgrounds and being of differing nationalities laying their heads on the ground together in prayer is a sight to behold.

Unlike the rest of us, who get the chance to break their fast and pray with our loved ones while being stuck at home. The people sent to quarantine facilities have had to separate from their family until they recover.

Allah Almighty knows best. Those on the outside cannot congregate, but those locked in are given the opportunity. This year’s Ramadan is wonderful.

Muhammad Nasiruddin via Facebook

We wish all our Muslim readers a Ramadhan Mubarak, may you have a blessed holy month that brings you closer to the Almighty. We also wish all Covid-19 patients a speedy recovery. Hopefully, we will be free from the grips of this virus soon.

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