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Scrolling Through Domino’s Social Media Cheers Me Up And It’s Not Because Of Pizza

Scrolling Through Domino’s Social Media Cheers Me Up And It’s Not Because Of Pizza

Anne Dorall

DISCLAIMER: This article is solely the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the position of this media organisation.

When Domino’s Malaysia posted a picture of their delivery riders with the iconic Buster Sword as a nod to the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake that was just released globally, I found myself surprisingly tickled by it.

I’m not alone. The post itself has gotten 1.9k shares on Facebook in just a day, with many comments suggesting that the social media team get a raise.

The movement control order (MCO) has been extended again, and Malaysians are undoubtedly feeling restless by now. Everything revolves around the pandemic: from heart-warming stories about donating PPEs for frontline workers to cautionary pieces about those who violate the MCO.

Covid-19 feels like a wormhole, where time distorts itself and nothing past nor future quite exists. If you’re tired of the mental stress that comes with keeping up with Covid-19 news, imagine writing it. (I’m joking boss, I still want to keep my job, please don’t fire me.)

Yet seeing that picture on my social media timeline, in between all the other stories about Covid-19 or the MCO, truly made me chuckle and remind me that there are still the little things in life to enjoy. Like being excited for a video game remake that has been rumoured and anticipated for 15 years.

The pandemic, and the MCO, shouldn’t keep you from still feeling excited or happy about things. If anything, the joyful things should be more important now than ever to keep our spirits up during this time of uncertainty.

And if you need a laugh or two, you can always head on over to Domino’s Malaysia’s social media page.

We weren’t paid to write this article. However, this writer’s favourite pizza topping is beef pepperoni on a crunchy thin crust, thanks. Talk to us on TRP’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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