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Terengganu “Ghost” Praised By PDRM For Helping Enforce MCO
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Terengganu “Ghost” Praised By PDRM For Helping Enforce MCO

Tasneem Nazari

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Mohd Urabil Alias, a.k.a the Terengganu man who dressed up as a ghost, was recently visited by the police who thanked him for his service.

On 28 March, Mohd Urabil shared images of him dressed up like a ghost online talking about how he decided to do so in order to scare his teen neighbours into staying inside during the MCO.

Then on 31 March, he shared on Facebook that police officers from the Kemaman District Police Headquarters turned up at his house.

Before this, the ghost was scaring people. Today, the ghost got scared when he was ambushed by the Black Hilux Team from IPD Kemaman. My heart started to pound when I saw them coming. Who wouldn’t be scared? They came to my house in two Hiluxes and one lorry. I thought I was going to be taken away in that lorry.

Mohd Urabil via Facebook
(Credit: Mohd Urabil/Facebook)

At first, Mohd Urabil thought the police, who came in two pickup trucks and one lorry, were there to arrest him. But it turned out that they were actually there to thank him for helping them keep people in their houses during the MCO.

Thank you to the Black Hilux Team and IPD Kemaman for coming all the way to my house just to show their appreciation for my effort in helping them enforce the MCO.

Mohd Urabil via Facebook

Mohd Urabil also shared that the police nicknamed him “Detective Hantu” (ghost). 

Meanwhile, Kemaman police shared the meet up on their Facebook too, saying that they’ve received assistance from “Special Unit Mystic”, a unit of mystical beings that will be enforcing the MCO with them.

Given the current affairs, it’s comforting to see that people haven’t lost their sense of humour and are instead doing everything they can in the fight against Covid-19.

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