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Wasted Gardenia Bread Found In Dumpster Due To Hoarders
Food Panda 10th Birthday Food Panda 10th Birthday

Wasted Gardenia Bread Found In Dumpster Due To Hoarders

Anne Dorall

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We called it: Malaysians have been panic-buying perishables, and now they are going bad in pantries all over the country.

The humble Gardenia bread has become a coveted item during this movement control order as people buy so much of it that the bread company has had to ramp up production to full capacity and is still not be able to meet demand.

How much bread can one person eat? Not four times more than their regular portions, let me tell you that.

Surprising absolutely no one, bags of expired Gardenia bread are now turning up in dumpsters.

It baffles the mind that bread is so dearly hoarded, considering that it has a shelf-life of less than a week and really doesn’t last once it’s been opened.

If hoarding food is a psychological thing for you to feel some sense of security during this time, consider buying other things that will last longer in your pantry.

And if you do have a lot of bread left that is going to spoil soon, consider donating it to another family in need, or throw it in the freezer instead.

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