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Healthcare Workers Are Being Well-Fed During MCO, Feed Those In Need Instead

Healthcare Workers Are Being Well-Fed During MCO, Feed Those In Need Instead

It’s a difficult time for everyone, but especially the frontline healthcare workers in hospitals as they struggle with inadequate personal protective equipment and long hours to care for patients.

In light of this, many Malaysian brands have decided to donate food to our frontline healthcare workers.



Nasi Kandar Pelita

I mean, even royalty has stepped in to donate lunch.

However, hospitals actually already provide meals for doctors. In fact, the problem is that doctors on call don’t have time to eat anything during their shift.

Instead, when a group of volunteers from Caremongering Malaysia got in touch with hospitals for food donations, they were asked not to donate any food, but to instead provide those meals to the less fortunate.

Refugee communities, single parent households, orphanages, the elderly, and the disabled communities definitely need those food donations more than the hospitals.

Instead, the medical community is calling for donations to buy 20 respiratory aid ventilators for use in intensive care units (ICU), funded through Mercy Malaysia.

What our frontline healthcare workers truly need isn’t food donations, but for all of us to stay at home and help flatten the curve.

If we can do that, we’re already helping.

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