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Truly Msian Events Happening In Early 2020 You Probably Didn’t Know About

Truly Msian Events Happening In Early 2020 You Probably Didn’t Know About

Home to lush tropical jungles, mesmerising oceans, tranquil highlands and bustling cities, Malaysia is filled with unique treasures to be explored and experience first hand.

As Visit Malaysia 2020 promises to be a year jammed packed with loads of colourful events and activities, I thought it would be neat to take a look at some of the nation’s lesser-known events and celebrations.

So from the historic streets of Melaka to the beautiful beaches of Pahang, here are some of major events and happenings across the country that you might not know about in the first quarter fo 2020.


Melaka’s CNY Celebration

Lion dancers taking centre stage.
(Credit: Tourism Malaysia)

With Chinese New Year happening at the end of January, it looks like the new decade is off to a prosperous start. So why not celebrate the coming of the Lunar New Year at the historic city of Melaka!

For the entire month of January, Melaka’s iconic Jonker Street and surrounding areas will be beaming in enchanting lights and mesmerising decore to celebrate the year of the rat.

The intricate details on the Temple made the sacred place so unique. — Picture by Claire Roberts
The aesthetic details of a temple in Jonker Street.
(Credit: Claire Roberts via Malay Mail)

Make the most out of your CNY weekend and enjoy a host of cultural performances, musical shows and loads of delectable culinary treats that are to die for.

Tioman Surf Festival

Kawabunga dudes!
(Credit: NST)

Or if you’re looking to spend time enjoying the sand, surf and more of that glorious Malaysian sunshine, then make your way to the beautiful island of Tioman, Pahang for the annual Tioman Surf Festival 2020.

From January 31 to February 1, the island will be home to some of the world’s top surfers who’re set to tackle Malaysia’s signature swells.

Scenes from the 2019 Tioman Surf Festival.
(Credit: NST)

The festival would also feature live music performances, a range of beach-themed games and activities as well as a bunch of showcases and exhibitions to enjoy.


Perlis East Wind Festival

A farmer and his trusty tractor.
(Credit: Tourism Malaysia)

Listed as one of the top three most popular traditional cultural events in Malaysia, the annual East Wind Festival will be taking place in Kangar, Perlis at the end of February.

The festival is a grand celebration of Malaysia’s seasonal Monsoon Transitional period and marks the beginning of the paddy harvest season.

Among the host of activities include competitions to catch farm animals.
(Credit: Tourism Malaysia)

The three-day event will showcase Indra Kayangan’s historic customs and traditions, where visitors will get a chance to experience a day in the life of traditional village farmers and stuff themselves with authentic Perlis cuisine.

Johor Chingay Festival

(Credit: Johor Now)

Witness the streets of Johor Bahru come to life at the annual Chingay Festival street parade.

The festival is a lifelong tradition shared between Malaysia and Singapore that goes back to the 1800s and coincide with Chinese New Year festivities to honour and celebrate traditional Chinese deities.

Image result for chingay parade johor
Entire roads are closed for the parade processions.
(Credit: The Star)

Taking place from February 22 to 26, the five-day fiesta features numerous cultural activities including traditional Chinese operas and musical shows, performances by lion and dragon dancers and lots more.


Malaka Raptor Watch

Bird enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the arrival fo their feathered friends.
(Credit: The Star)

Catch sight of nature’s mighty birds of prey during one of the greatest wildlife migrations on the planet at the annual Raptor Watch happening in Tanjung Tuan, Melaka this March.

Credited as the biggest eco-tourism event in the nation, Raptor Watch is a festival celebrating the flight of thousands of migratory birds of prey or “raptors” that make the perilous journey accross the world to return to their natural breeding grounds in the northern hemisphere.

The Greater Spotted Eagle. One of the many migratory raptor species to make the journey over Malaysia.
(Credit: Kuwait Birds)

Join scientist and enthusiastic bird watchers spot, identify and record these majestic birds as they pass over Malaysia on their migratory route. They’ll also be lots of games, activities and exhibitions taking place during the event too, so do check it out.

Sabah’s Pesta Kalimaran

Ladies in their traditional ethnic clothing.
(Credit: Tourism Malaysia)

Looking to expand your knowledge of Malaysia’s vast cultural and ethnic heritage? Then take a trip down to Sabah on March 31 to experience the unique lifestyle of the Murut community showcased during the annual Kalimaran Festival.

The festival celebrates the community’s exceptional and extraordinary arts and customs while giving visitors a glimpse into the authentic legacy of the third-largest ethnic group in Sabah.

So there you have it folk, my personal list of some “underrated” occurrences in Malaysia for 2020.

If you might know of any other events and celebrations that’ll be happening from January till March this year, do hit us up on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Stay tuned for my next list for Q2-2020 coming up soon!

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