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Best Place To Stock Up On Milo? Online

Best Place To Stock Up On Milo? Online

You can’t beat the Malaysian love for deals, discounts, and sales.

Lazada proved this during their 12.12 Grand Year End Sale. Not only did the online e-commerce company have more than double the Lazada Wallet transactions from last year, their partnered offline retail stores saw 13 times more transactions during their weekend sale.

Even Healthland sold almost 300 hours’ worth of massages during the sale, so hopefully this means that Malaysians will be way less stressed out for the holidays.

And because Malaysians just love to queue for stuff, they absolutely took the opportunity to wait in line for hours in Sunway Pyramid and Low Yat for limited-time offers.

Malaysians lined up just to get discounts.
(Credit: Lazada)

Not only that, it turns out that Malaysians are also a huge fan of shoe shopping as well.

Malaysians thronged Skechers for comfortable shoes, so evidently most of us are hoping to start 2020 on the right foot.

The first order delivered from this year’s 12.12 sale was a pair of Clarks shoes, sent in the first 39 minutes of the sale. That’s half the time it took the deliver the first item from the 11.11 sale, which took 80 minutes!

Tech was also at the forefront of people’s minds as 1,300 units of Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphones were sold out in just 1 minute.

Huawei isn’t the most popular purchase though, because the top 3 brands from this year’s year end sale was actually Samsung, Apple, and… Milo.

Yes, Milo.

If anything, 2019 has taught us that if you can save money on anything, anytime, anywhere- you should. Besides, those who bought Milo in bulk will probably have enough to last them until next year’s sale.

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